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Budding Gospel Artist Releases Album 

By Isidore Abah — Budding gospel musical artist, Julius Ringnyu Nyako aka Exponent, has released his first album titled The Revelation. The album is made up of five tracks that seek to reveal God to Africans, in an African perspective.

According to Exponent, God has tremendously blessed Africa, but bemoans the fact that Africans are still to notice this undying love the Almighty has for the continent. The 29-year-old contends that for Africans to continue benefiting from this love and divine favour, they must desist from idol worship, human sacrifices, witchcraft and other practices that are contrary to the teaching of Christ.

He buttresses this point in one of his tracks titled, Blessed Afrika. In the track, he praises Africa for the love, peace and fraternity that exist on the continent, through communal life. Julius Ringnyu exhorts Africans to embrace positive western values that can contribute to the growth of the continent, and discard vices such as homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion, which he says, are in contrast to the teachings of Christ.

The Physics student of the University of Yaounde I; in one of the tracks titled Widow in Agony, also exposes some of the agonising conditions which some African traditions subject widows to.  “It is a combination of these ills plaguing the society that encouraged me to get into composing and singing religious music; which I consider as a vocation to preach the word of God in the form of music,” Exponent says.

According to Ringnyu, “humanity is fast losing divine providence because it has turned to glorifying the devil at the expense of the Creator.” Ringnyu pledges to preach the gospel of Christ in music, and to redirect mankind to the right path of glorifying God. Among other tracks of his album are Remerciement and Mother from Heaven. Ringnyu hails from Nkambe in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

First published in The Post print edition no 01418

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