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Buea Cop Dies Mysteriously 

 By Nester Asonganyi Ntima

Senior Police Inspector serving at the Buea High Court, Eric Ngwane was found dead on Monday, October 20 at his Great Soppo, residence. According to close sources, it wasn’t certain if the policeman, bodyguard of the Fako High Court President, shot himself dead or was murdered.
Some court staff with whom the deceased worked on daily basis said, Ngwane was in the office on the preceding Friday but that he left early, on the excuse that he was not in good heath. They said they were shocked on Monday morning like everyone else, to learn that he had passed on. It is said that it was Ngwane’s cab who driver who found him dead, after having made several attempts to reach him by phone. Sources quoted the driver as ringing his phone that morning persistently and that when he wouldn’t take the calls, he went to the court premises but still couldn’t find him. At the cop’s home he discovered the shocking stone cold body of the officer. 
According to his neighbor, Godlove Nji, he and the deceased had exchanged greetings earlier that morning, but that he was shocked when he heard his cab driver’s scream a few hours afterwards. Upon hearing the scream, Nji reportedly rushed to his neighbour’s room and saw him lying on the floor. Nji is quoted as saying that he first thought that Ngwane could have suffered a heart attack but that when he moved closer with the intention of rendering him a-mouth-to-mouth breathing before rushing him to the hospital, he realized that blood was oozing out from his mouth and nostrils. Some suspect that Ngwane could have shot himself through the mouth going by the gun he had in his hand and the wound on the head. Nji said he can’t believe he actually killed himself and to say he was murdered is also unbelievable since neither his neighbours nor any one else heard any gunshot.
Other sources have it that, the officer might have been attacked by bandits who must have been monitoring his movements carefully before proceeding to rob him since he is said to have received money from a tontine (njangi) on Sunday prior to his demise on Monday. Still, some are saying they had noticed some signs of depression in him some a few days before the tragic incident, insinuating that, just he might have gotten himself involved in some not too tidy business which he had to pay with his own life.
Eric Ngwane, who was in his early forties, has neither a wife nor children to mourn him, but his father, mother and siblings. He hailed from the Bakossi clan in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, and was a rare respectable member of the police force. His remains are presently at the mortuary pending burial.

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