Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Buea Council Signs Convention To Improve Community Health 

By Bouddih Adams

— The Buea Council has signed a convention with the African Development Bank, ADB, and the National Councils Support Fund, FEICOM, to provide potable water and ventilated improved pit latrines for the community.

According to the project description, Government School, GS Ndongo Wokoko, the Bokova Health Centre, the Bokwaongo Health Centre and the Lysoka Health Centre in Buea, will all benefit from a six-compartment ventilated improved pit latrines.

The project, aimed at improving on rural water supply and sanitation facilities to completely eradicate the cholera pandemic, which has been a bane in the society in recent past, is going to be implemented by the Netherlands Development Organisation, SNV.

Ahead of the implementation of the project, SNV, May 9, organised a two-day capacity-building workshop at the Buea Council Hall, to train Council Works Committee staff of some pilot councils in Fako like Buea, Muyuka, Idenau, Tiko, Limbe II and III Councils.

According to the seminar resource person, Vincent Anu of Nkong Hilltop, a number of project sites have already been selected, water schemes identified and the project will also deliver 333 improved pit latrines in private homes, which will be distributed by the council authorities of the beneficiary councils.

“All the Rural Councils in the Southwest, Northwest, West and South Regions are beneficiaries of this project. It is a project that is expected to run from now to the end of this year with all these particular micro projects carried out,” Anu said. He added that during the three-day seminar, participants were endowed with modules on the project objectives, tools of monitoring and reporting on the progress of the project.

“The Works Committee members were also taught how to work with other partners to ensure that the funds are properly used and projects properly executed, such that they can be sustainable and the desired result – improved health in the communities – could be achieved,” he said.

Anu indicated that the 333 pit latrines that will be constructed in the Southwest Region will be shared amongst the various beneficiary councils and it will be equitably distributed in each council, taking into consideration, gender, minority groups and so on, because, he said, there is a key component about equity. “We will be training the public on hygiene and sanitation to enlighten them on how to use these facilities in a way that public health and hygiene is respected,” he said.

For his part, the Mayor of Buea, Charles Mbella Moki, while closing the seminar, said feasibility studies for the project have already been carried out and the onus is now on ADB to give the go ahead for the contracts to be awarded at the national level. The project is going to cost the funders, ADB and FEICOM, some FCFA 12 billion.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01343


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