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Buea Council’s‘Hit Man’ Meets Waterloo At Chief’s Palace 

Lyonga undergoing surgery after he was hacked by hitman

By Isidore Abah & Andrew Nsoseka

“It is my boss, Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge,and Prof. Ndiva Mbua, who sent me to kill the Chief.”

This was the last confession allegedly made by Emmanuel Ewome; a Municipal Police element at the Buea Council,after the angry population of Mile 16 Bolifamba swooped on him and administered jungle justice on the culprit for attempting to take away the life of their Chief, Simon Kombe.

Speaking to The Post at the Chief’s Palace on Tuesday, October 17, over 24 hours after the incident, one of the Chief’s sons, Moses Lyonga Kombe, who was hacked on the back and the armwith a machete by the undesirable guest recounted:

“It was about 12.30 am on Sunday breaking Monday,when three boys dressed in Buea Council Police uniforms stormed the palace, armed with machetes, knives and other weapons.

“They invaded the palace in my absence because I went out that evening and only returned late. So, when I was entering the compound, I saw the three uninvited guests.

“One of them was standing on the balcony directly in front of my parents’ room, the other besides the gate and the third at the entrance into the kitchen,” Lyonga Kombe said.

According to the Prince, when he pointed his torch at the invaders, the one who was at the gate and the other who was at the kitchen entrance took to their heels, while the third person who was at the balcony, struggling to open the door into the Chief’s room, jumped down and attacked him.

“He first attempted to hack me on the neck, but I dodged and the machete caught me on my back and during the second attempt, I defended it with my hand. That is why he almost dismembered my hand,” the Prince recounted.

He furthered that after failing to slit open his throat, the assailant attempted to run away, but he (Lyonga Kombe) swept him off his feet, disarmed him of the machete and pounced on him.

“But when I jumped on him, I realised that he was still armed with knives and that he could overpower me because he was a muscular fellow.

“So I quickly concocted a story that I was also a thief who had come to steal from the Chief and I told him that I don’t see the reason why we should be fighting among ourselves, Lyonga Kombe explained.
He asserted that when he tricked Ewome, he immediately became approachable towards him and questioned why he had not told him at the beginning.

“I told him that I couldn’t do so because I didn’t know if he was a member of the family or an outsider. At this juncture, the hoodlums revealed to me that he was carrying huge sums of money on him,given to him by his boss to accomplish the task assigned to him.

“He promised to take me to the hospital if we could go back and get the Chief out of his room.
But I advised him that it was not the best idea, since I claimed not to know the Chief in person. Rather, I suggested that we should go and knock the children’s sectionand use one of the children as bait to get the Chief out of his room,” he clarified.

Lyonga Kombe said when they got to the other section of the house, he (Lyonga) knocked at his younger brother’s door and asked him to open the door, but the younger brother was hesitant but when he finally opened the door, he (Lyonga) quickly removed the knives Ewome was carrying, gripped him firmly by his jeans trouser and started shouting that he was a thief.

Lyonga Kombe said, “at this juncture, my siblings rushed out and also joined me in shouting. Before we knew it, the population had gathered and rescued us from the hands of the armed assailant.”

He said when the angry population started beating the assailant;Ewome confessed that he was sent by his boss, Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge and Prof. Ndiva Mbua to kill the Chief.

“Since I was bleeding profusely, Ipast-out and only discovered myself in the hospital. It was only after recovering in the hospital the next day that I was told that the angry population carried out jungle justice on the hoodlum,” Lyonga recounted.

On her part, the Chief’s wife, Marcellin Kombe, said she and her husband only returned to the country from the United States on Saturday. But that she slept and had a terrible dream that somebody came into their compound and killed her son.

“In that dream, I saw the way my son was buried right in front of me in this compound. I was terrified because each time I dream about something it is bound to happen. So I told everybody about it. Since my husband travelled early Sunday morning, in the evening, I left the house to go and rest somewhere.

I was only called at about 1:00am that armed robbers have butchered my son Lyonga. I rushed back to Buea and went straight to the hospital where the doctors were already working on him at the minor surgical ward,” she said.

Why Bolifamba Chief Is Wanted Dead

According to Prince Lyonga, the Sunday breaking Monday attempt on his father’s life is one among numerous attempts on his life in recent times.
He said a few months ago, a young man was chased-off the Chief’s Palace who was struggling to tamper with his father’s car.

Lyonga further revealed that the numerous attempts on his father’s life began when Mayor Ekema went and drafted a land document and forced his father to append his signature on it, permitting him, the Mayor to sell-off the Mile 16 Market.

“When my father refused, his signature was forged, but the matter was taken to court and the court ruled in favour of my father. Since then, there have been numerous attempts on hislife by hired hitmen.

“As for Prof. Ndiva Mbua, it has been an unending battle over land ownership, small wonder therefore; such a confession on Monday was not surprising,” Lyonga Kombe averred.

Ewome Was Dismissed From Buea Council

Meanwhile, all attempts to get the Mayor of Buea comment on the issue were futile as he will not pick his calls.

But some Buea Municipal police, who refused to be named because they were not given authorisation to speak to the press, said all the allegations levelled against the Mayor are not only baseless, but malicious.

According to them, Mesio was dismissed from the Council seven months ago for unruly behaviour.
“So the Mayor should not be blamed for whatever happens to him. Why should the Mayor want the Chief dead? This is the handiwork of his political enemies,” they questioned.

Prof. Ndiva Mbua Rubbishes Allegations

Speaking to The Post by phone, Prof. Ndiva Mbua, rubbished what he termed false and baseless allegations.

Hear him: “I’m not making any statement, I’m not aware of any allegations against me… I have said that I don’t respond to such things. If they want to drag my name to something, that’s their problem.
“Let them make their statement and police will come and find out.

I’m in my house and I sent somebody to kill Kombe for what? Those are false allegations… police are working on the issue let them carry out their investigations,” the Professor of Economics fumed.

“Those are false allegations; those are things that you don’t even write on papers. Don’t mention my name on paper…, they should put it in writing… before the boy died, why did they not hold him, give him to the police let him make those statements?

“Somebody has died and they say this is what he said, what does that mean? You are a journalist these are things when you hear, you should just tell them off. They are not things you should publish…. because in investigative journalism you have to get real facts not that they said that before the boy died he said that..,” the University Don yelled.

To him, at first it was the Mayor’s name that was mentioned and later on it is his name.
“What rubbish? It doesn’t mean that because I have cases in court with Kombe then I will pay people to go and kill him, for what?” he questioned.

Ndiva Mbua’s Flash Back

The erudite academia in his own right, further revealed that when soldiers raided and arrested people in Mile 16 on a certain Sunday and took them away, “the Chief started telling people that I am the one who has set him up.

“This is a man they came to his compound, knocked at the gate and he did not open. They scaled through the fence, took his phone and saw messages of Ambazonia in his phone and laptop. Then, they saw an empty carton of cartridges and they asked him, where are the cartridges?

“He said he used them for cry die. They asked him to bring out the gun but he said he borrowed the gun,” Prof. Ndiva Mbua alleged.

He further revealed that when the soldiers saw some money in his house, they decided to take him to the police station where he made a statement that he was being setup by him (Dr. Mbua).

“These are people I have land cases with in court. One soldier went there and they mentioned my name and the officer told him that Mola Kombe you are talking like a child. How can you associate Professor Mbua to this your rubbish?

“Is it Prof. Mbua who sent you Ambazonia messages in your phone? Is he the one who gave you a gun? Why are people calling somebody’s name for nothing?” Prof Ndiva Mbua screamed.
According to the Professor emeritus, rumours have gone viral that the boy who was killed was the boyfriend of Chief Kombe’s wife.

“Let the police investigate I don’t enter into such rubbish that are trying to robe me into mud. I am a renowned professor, I retired as Deputy Vice Chancellor, I don’t go into such mean things… I don’t even know the boy they killed.

Ndiva Mbua Defends Ekema

Speaking further, Prof Mbua retorted: “do you think the Mayor will send somebody to go and kill the chief with the Council uniform? So you put one plus one, does a normal human being do that? Do you think it is the Commissioners who send policemen who go and steal while dressed in their uniforms?

All of that is rubbish… let them go and answer their questions, they should stop making stories,” Prof. Mbua hollered.