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Buea Diocese Launches Radio Evangelium 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Christians in the Buea Diocese have joined their Bishop, Mgr. Immanuel Banlanjo Bushu, to officially, launch a Catholic Radio in the Diocese.

Christened Radio Evangelium (Good news), the launch took place Sunday, May 24 with a high mass at the St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, Molyko, Buea. In his homily to Christians, who came from across the Buea Diocese and beyond, Bushu said the coming of Radio Evangelium is to help the Church spread the good news of Jesus Christ and continuously touch the lives of the Christians.

The Prelate will invite Christians not to be ashamed of their belief and be proud of being Catholic Christians. He enjoined all to be messengers of Radio Evangelium. "All Christians are potential apostles of God. We have to put our trust in Jesus Christ, even in moments of difficulties," he said.

With construction expected to begin soon, for that of Buea Diocese, Bushu said the Radio Evangelium project cuts across the four Dioceses that make up the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province. These include; Buea, Mamfe, Kumbo and Bamenda Arch Diocese. "We’ve done our own launching already, Bamenda has done so, Kumbo will do theirs in the weeks ahead and Mamfe will pick up after Kumbo. We are not bound to do it same time, but we have a time limit for that.

The Ministry of Communication is due to finalise on our documentation and authorisation in the weeks ahead. So, they are no major glitches so far," he mentioned.
According to Bushu, though there will be independent radio stations in Buea, Mamfe, Bamenda and Kumbo, they are not forced to take off at the same time. But there will be a central radio station for the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, to be built in Bamenda.

"We are preparing now, the responds from the Christians have been very good. So, we look forward to go operational in September 2009," he added. Rev/Fr. Wilfred Emeh Epie, Head of the Catholic Information Service, Buea Diocese, told this reporter Radio Evangelium is primarily a tool for evangelisation in line with Inter Mirifica, the decree on social communication of the Second Vatican Council, signed by Pope John Paul II, deceased.

Epie will add that after the example of Jesus Christ, who announced the good news to the poor and the rich alike, Radio Evangelium will help instill moral values to media men and women and increase their faith. "In an era of plurality, there is need for understanding, respect, tolerance and fair play. Our intention is to reach the furthest areas of the Diocese," he said.
At the close of the launching ceremony, that was dexterously, emceed by veteran journalist, Kevin Njomo, of CRTV’s Mount Cameroon FM, Buea, FCFA 5.1 Million was raised in cash.

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