Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Buea Mayor Begs For Release Of Detained UB Students 

By Andrew Nsoseka

mayor-ekema-leading-buea-denizens-to-the-governors-office-to-beg-for-the-release-of-detain-ub-studentThe Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, November 30, tabled an apology at the Governor’s office and begged for the release of University of Buea students arrested and detained as a result of a demonstration on November 28.

The Mayor was accompanied by motorcycle taxi riders (bendskin) and some people who marched from the Independence Square to the Governor’s office.

Ekema told Governor Okalia Bilai that he and his people had come to apologise on behalf of the population; where they went wrong, so that they should move into the festive season with purity.

For his part, the Governor held the view that some individuals, identified and unidentified, have decided to destabilise the town during the on-going AWCON games.

On the strike action going on, the Mayor stated that violent demonstrations have been brought to the public place, and he was calling on people to return to their daily activities as before.

He further called on those he said were affected by the strike action to go to the social service of Council and be compensated.

On the teachers’ strike, Governor Okalia Bilai said some identified and unidentified people are preventing some teachers and children from going to school.

He said it is criminal to prevent children from learning.
“Let the children go to school,” he said.

On the way forward, the Governor noted that with the coming of December and Christmas, it is time for reconciliation and peace.

He assured the Mayor and his group that their memorandum and worries would be forwarded to the high quarters.

Meanwhile at the gathering at the Independence Square, the Mayor promised to return to the motorcycle taxi riders all the bikes impounded by the Council.

In addition, the Mayor promised to share 1000 reflective jackets to the motorcycle taxi riders in Buea municipality.