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Buea Moslems Share With Inmates At Feast Of Tabaski 

By Elvis Tah & Adi Fonte

Moslems in Buea and its environs, Wednesday, November 17, offered foodstuff and other gifts to prisoners at Buea Central Prison and patients at the Regional Hospital Annex, to commemorate the Feast of Tabaski. At the Buea Central Prison, Imam Elhadj Aboubakar Mohammad offered beef that was brought from the Central Mosque, and told the prisoners to join in the feasting while in confinement.

Imam Aboubakar, Mbella Moki and other Moslem Faithful look and ‘sacrificial lambs’ are slaughtered

The Feast of Tabaski or Feast of the Ram is a three-day festival in honour of the instance in the Bible in which Abraham accepted to sacrifice his only son Isaac, to God and God later provided but a ram for the sacrifice. In Buea, the celebration began with a prayer session at the mosque, followed by the slaughtering of a symbolic ram by the Imam as well as the slaughtering of 13 cows donated to the Buea and Limbe Moslem Community by the Turkish Embassy.

According to the Chief of Moslem Community in Buea, Sarki Audu Mbua Sule, the feast begins a day after fasting. He said in Cameroon, Moslem faithful fasted on Monday, November 15 and they selected the second day (Wednesday) for feasting. "During this period, when you slaughter a ram, you partition it into three; the first part is for you and your immediate family, the second part is to be prepared and shared to your neighbours and Christians while the third part, which is still fresh meat, is to be shared to Moslems who cannot afford the meat," Sule said.

He stressed that the ram to be slaughtered must be a healthy and matured one and the heart of the ram should be eaten by the father of the house. Sule explained that anybody who wants to feast but cannot afford a ram should preferably get a female sheep and if one is not available, the person can settle for a he-goat which is not castrated.

Buea Mayor in a chat with The Post, said: "I have a very strong Moslem community in Buea who contribute a lot to the socio-economic development of the municipality. Each time they have an event like this, I identify myself with them to contribute by way of participating and sacrificing towards the success of the event."

On what will happen if he is invited to join the Moslem faith, he said, "I am a Christian and that cannot be contested by anybody. I will not like to compromise my beliefs. I know that one thing that brings us together is the belief and fear of God."  Other dignitaries at the Mosque were the Secretary General at Southwest Governor’s office, Handerson Quetong, the Paramount Chief of Buea, SML Endeley, Consul General of Nigeria, Dr. Kenneth Nsor, UB Vice Chancellor, Prof. PK Titanji and many others.

Meanwhile, in Bui Division, Imam Amadu Wirba called on all Muslems of voting age to register their names on the electoral registers. He warned that no Moslem should involve himself in any act which can violate the smooth running of the registration in the community. He told the Moslems to rid themselves of malpractices like corruption, cheating, counterfeiting, stealing, bribery and embezzlement. The Imam advised Moslem faithful not to cause disturbances, violence nor break the unity of the Moslem community. He said the needy and orphans should be given help.

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