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Buea Nso Community Begin Raising Funds For Community Hall 

By Isidore Abah — The Nso Community in the Southwest Region have been urged to contribute generously to make up the FCFA 37 million for the reconstruction of a modern community hall in Buea.

Nso Elites at mini-cultural festival

The call was made by the Buea Branch President of Bani Nso, Chrisantus Shey Kongso, on Saturday, December 8, during a mini-cultural festival to raise funds for the reconstruction of a modern community hall for the Nso people in Buea.

According to Shey Kongso, the old Nso community hall can no longer accommodate the Nso people because of an increase in the number of Nso people living in the Buea municipality.
Kongso said the need for a modern structure is not only desired as a result of the small nature of the old one, but as a means of satisfying and meeting the demands of the Nso people in modern times.

The head of the Nso people in Buea said that their intention is to construct a one-story building that will host a multi purpose hall, a cyber cafe, a traditional library where archives about the Nso tradition will be kept, among other things.

Shey Kongso further said that such a traditional library will help university students, particularly students from Bui Division, who are engaged in research to have access to information. This, he said, will greatly reduce the expenditure and burden faced by the students in the course of their research, as they are often compelled to shuttle between Buea and home, which is not only expensive but time wasting.

“But, if such a library is found here in Buea, students from Bui Division, who make up about twenty percent  of students from the Northwest Region studying in the University of Buea, can easily carry out their research here and on time and avoid spending much money, ” Kongso stated.

He also added that if such a structure is erected in Buea, it will provide an opportunity for children from the Nso fondoom who have never been to the village to learn their culture, and even members of the general public who admire the Nso culture, in a bid to foster national integration.

Representing the Southwest Governor at the mini-cultural festival, the Economic and Social Affairs Adviser at the Southwest Governor’s Office, Julius Tata, thanked the Nso commodity for the effort they are making to build such a modern structure in Buea.

He said such an initiative falls in line with President Biya’s vision of making Cameroon an emerging economy by 2035, and to actualise this vision, he said, all hands must be put on deck; no matter the area one finds his or herself. Julius Tata appealed to the general public to lend a helping hand to the Nso community, in order for them to realise the project. For, if this project is realised, he said, it will not only serve the Nso people, but Cameroonians as a whole.

It was disclosed that over FCFA 10 million out of the FCFA 37 million envisaged for the project has been raised and the project is expected to run for three years. High points at the mini-cultural festival included traditional dances, opening of traditional dishes, display of arts and crafts from Nso, free HIV/AIDS screening, among others.

First published in The Post print edition no 01399

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