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Buea Regional Hospital Surgeons Strike, Want Director Replaced 

By Azore Opio

Dr. Enow-Orock George

Dr. Enow-Orock George

Surgeons of the Buea Regional Hospital Annex have announced an indefinite strike effective from Monday, December 19 “until the very regressive director, Dr. Enow-Orock George, is replaced by a more experienced and considerate administrator.

The surgeons say they won’t carry out any surgeries except emergencies.

According to the doctors, they embarked on the strike for the sake of patients and the general population.

The doctors have addressed a tersely worded letter to the Minister of Public Health in which they accuse Dr. Enow-Orock of several awkward practices.

Titled “a plea to be saved from the detrimental policies of the Director of the Regional Hospital Annex, Buea”, the doctors say they have noticed that Dr. Enow-Orock for the past three years has embarked on various policies not beneficial to the hospital, hospital staff, patients or Cameroonians as a whole.

The letter partly states that the Director has perpetually ensured that the cost of laboratory test, drugs, hospital bed fee, surgical fee, etc, is on the increase; the hospital environment is continuously untidy and filthy with overgrown grass and weeds as well as a foul smelling odour from overfull septic tanks; consumables especially in the operation theater, such as gases used for anaesthesia are in continuous shortage and a surgeon (specialist brain and spine surgeon) posted by the Ministry of Public Health to the hospital be prevented from carrying out his duties on pretext that the institution is “level III” according to a “text” of the Ministry of Public Health.

The surgeons further complain that the Director, “apart from his regressive policies that have put the hospital backwards and in a deplorable condition, is aggressively money-minded to the detriment of patients, hospital staff and the general population by the following actions.”

Dr. Enow-Orock is accused of collecting money from patients in his office and his secretary’s office for reading histo-pathological slides.

“He does that entirely as his private business without the hospital benefitting anything from the activities,” the surgeons say, adding that the hospital staff has no benefit at all, or just a negligible benefit from the huge sums of money paid by PBF [Performance-based Financing) and institutions sending students to the hospital for training.”

While stating that their hearts are bleeding to the extent that they have no choice but to regrettably embark on an indefinite strike, the surgeons say, the malpractices cited above “are just a few of Dr. Enow-Orock’s detrimental policies at Regional Hospital Annex.

Among the services offered at the Buea Hospital Annex, the 130-bed facility is also a teaching hospital for the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Buea.

Among the circa 25 medical doctors employed at the hospital are specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery, internal medicine, diabetology, cardiology, pediatrics, histopathology, clinical pathology, dentistry, physiotherapy, rheumatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, hemodialysis, radiology anaesthesia, dry embalmment, including an HIV treatment centre.

The main goal of the hospital, according to a publication, in which Dr. Enow-Orock appears in the Convocation Booklet of the Faculty of Health Sciences for the 2014 graduation ceremony, is to provide quality health care to the community at affordable cost and ensure appropriate training of medical, laboratory and nursing students from UB and other institutions.

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