Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Buea SDF Vice District Chairman Dies 

By Yvonne Massa Ako

The Buea Vice District Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Simon Efokwoa, is dead.
Efokwoa died in the early hours of Thursday, February 19, at the Buea Regional Hospital.

According to his daughter, Hedrine Efokwoa; “Papa has been sick for the past three months. He was operated upon, but after the operation, he started complaining of waist pain. He was admitted on February 16 at the Buea Regional Hospital, but on Wednesday, the pains aggravated. He was weak and unable to eat or walk. However, there was no trace that Papa could give up so soon. But on Thursday morning, as I went to check on him, I discovered that he was dead,” Hedrine recounted.

“I will miss a father and a friend, because he usually advised us to live in unity,” she said.
To the Buea SDF District Chairman, Johnson Nkwendi, when the SDF won the Council election in Buea in 2002, many thought that Efokwoa will fight to become Mayor.

“But he did not. Rather, he gave the opportunity to John Mokake Endeley to become Mayor. Efokwoa equally appointed Mrs. Tanjong who was the third Deputy Mayor from the Northwest.The way he appointed these people showed that he was a mature politician. Efokwoa knew how to balance the Northwest and Southwest equation in his administration,” Nkwendi said.

Nkwendi observed that Efokwoa was the life wire of the party, even though, at one point, he left the SDF and joined the CPDM.

“But when he returned to the fold, he was so faithful to the party, whereas other leaders who were working with the party left and never came back.”

Nkwendi said the deceased resigned from the party out of frustration, because the Mayor, whom he had designated, was no longer cooperating with him, “so he got angry and resigned.”

The Buea District Chairman said the late Efokwoa achieved a lot with the SDF and his demise has created a vacuum in the party.

“It was a great experience working with him. He was a straight-forward and strict character, who knew his job well. The vacuum he has created in the party is a big one, but we will struggle to get someone to replace him. I will miss him so much because we worked together as a team,” Nkewndi said.

The son of the deceased, Wilson Efokwoa, said his father has always been fighting for political, social and economic change, even before the SDF was launched in 1990.

He revealed that his father once resigned from the SDF and joined the Alliance of Progressive Forces, APF, for reasons best known to him.

“Due to his hard work in the SDF, many militants of the party missed him and told him to come back to the party. He went back to the SDF because, as he put it, his mission and vision in the SDF had not been accomplished.”

“My father was not only a politician; he was also a prophet in politics. For instance, all what he said about Cameroon is happening now. He talked about unrest, economic woes, social disorder and rising figures of unemployment. All of these things are presently plaguing our country today, especially the Northern Regions,” he said.