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Buea Diocese Christians Should Kindly Stand By Me 

Interviewed By Walter Wilson Nana — Mgr. Andrew Nkea Fuanya, formerly a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Buea is now the Elected Co-adjutor Bishop of Mamfe, following a Wednesday, July 10 2013, Papal announcement from the Vatican.

At the close of the proclamation ceremony at the Regina Pacis Cathedral in Small Soppo, Buea, by Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, Bishop of Buea, the 33rd Bishop in Cameroon granted this exclusive interview to The Post, in which he, amongst other issues, appealed that his Christians in Buea Diocese should not abandon him as he moves over to Mamfe for a new Ministry.

Excerpts: After this Papal appointment, what is going through your mind?

I do not know what is going through my mind. It is a big surprise to me, what the Church has done. But I rely on the grace of God that called me. That same grace of God will assist me. I will do my best not to disappoint the Holy Father.

Have you been looking forward to this day?

As a Priest, you do not look forward to a day like this. It is a very frightful day to come. It has taken me by surprise.

What do you know about Mamfe Diocese?

I originated from Mamfe Diocese, because my parents come from Fontem Parish. I have never really stayed there, but as part of Buea Diocese, we administered Mamfe before it became a Diocese of its own. Apart from that I do not know much.

Do you know what awaits you as a Co-adjutor Bishop?

I am a Co-adjutor Bishop with a right of succession. After the Bishop clocks 75, I will have to take over the Diocese, discover the problems on the ground and move on. That is what I know for now.

As you begin this Episcopal journey, what will be your immediate concerns?

The first is to preach the gospel, the second, preach the gospel and the third, preach the gospel.

To the people of Buea Diocese, you are leaving; what is your message to them?

I want to beg the people of Buea Diocese not to leave me alone. I am part of Buea Diocese that has been very supportive. If they continue to support me the way they have done, while I was here, I do not think I will fail in Mamfe. Let the people of Buea not leave me alone. They should support me with their prayers.

My Lord, did you lobby for this position? Go to Rome and put yourself on pole position?

In the Catholic Church, it does not work like that. Nobody lobbies for a position like this one. The Holy Father knows how he carries on with his findings. He takes a decision, independent of any interest. Nobody influences a decision in the Catholic Church.

How will you explain this Papal appointment?

I do not know! It is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Father has called me to serve the people of Mamfe. However he got to know me, I do not know, but all I know is that he has called me.

My Lord, we wish you well in your new appointment…

Thank you very much!! I count on your prayers. May God bless all of you.

First published in The Post print edition no 01446

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