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Bui, Donga, Momo, Stubborn Promoters Of Eucalyptus 

By Chris Mbunwe
— Three Divisions of the Northwest Region; Bui, Donga Mantung and Momo, have been singled out for stubbornly growing eucalyptus trees at the expense of water and crops. The declaration featured prominently during panel discussions culminating in the celebration of World Environment Day in Bamenda.

The Regional Delegate of Environment and Nature Protection, Bambo Laban Tangsi, said a few years ago, the idea of a Green Economy with its links to sustainable development and poverty eradication was a novel concept confined to development practitioners and academics. 

This year, it is among the top two issues that will be deliberated by policymakers at the UN conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20. The Delegate was presenting the message of the UN Secretary at the MINEPAT hall on June 5 in Bamenda.

Laban said 2012 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for all, hence this year’s World Environment Day Celebration theme “Green Economy: Does it include You? ” This theme reflects the widespread recognition of the Green Economy as the new pathway to a low-carbon, resource-efficient and sustainable 21st century.

The UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon’s message says as countries across the globe emerge from deep economic recession, there is the need for a green economy that is not just inclusive, but also addresses social equity and dramatically improved environmental management as integral outcomes of economic growth.

“Together, let us catalyse and capitalise on this important opportunity to transform the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication from theory and patchy implementation to full realisation,” the message read.

Representing Northwest Governor, the Secretary General at the Governor’s office, Confiance Bolungeli Ebune, said Government has been constantly assisting the Delegation of Environment to ensure that Bamenda City and other major towns of the Region remain green, by embellishing the town according to their master plans.

He said this is to ensure sustainable energy with green jobs, green polices, green building, waste management and other resources. By embracing the concept of green economy, Ebune continued, Cameroonians shall be preparing their children for a greener future with less wasteful attitudes. 

“I, therefore, implore you to think, act green, live green for a greener economy and a greener future for our children,” Ebune said. Scores of NGOs involved in environmental issues and school clubs exhibited products locally fabricated from plastics and others. Hundreds of prizes were dolled to students who excelled in environmental protection. 

Though the eucalyptus tree is used as firewood and electric poles, environmental experts and the Northwest administration pointed out that desertification and dry streams, even in the rainy season noticed in the three Divisions, have been caused by rampant planting of this tree. Farmers were advised to plant eucalyptus on the hills and avoid tampering with water sources or catchment areas.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01350


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