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Bui Horse Race to Go International 

By Nformi Willbroad

 In an attempt to give the annual Bui Horse Race an international image and sell the nice Mbororo culture, Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, has promised to contact foreign partners to take interest in the annual socio-cultural jamboree led by Mbororos.

Theophile Nzeki spoke to the press in Kumbo on December 21 at the close of the two-day Bui Horse Race for 2014. He lauded the Horse Race event and explained that it was assuming a socio-cultural and economic dimension. He said there was social integration as the Mbororos mixed freely with other natives.

“Although it was a Fulani event, you can see that everybody was there. There were Mezam people from Sabga, there were people from the Noun in the West Region and so on. This is what is known as national integration,” the SDO said. The SDO explained that it was for that reason that there would solicit foreign partners for funding and organisational knowhow.

The administrator lauded Bui Councils for their financial contribution to ensure the success of the event. He equally lauded the sportsmanship of the Mbororo youths, who not only participated in the horse race, but equally played football, sang and dance their cultural music. Sports, he said, enhance a spirit of tolerance and ensure a healthy body.

He said educative talks on schooling and HIV/AIDS awareness programmes greatly helped to sensitise the underprivileged Mbororos.

Lawrence Shang Bayena, Director of the Tadu Dairy Cooperative and one of the main sponsors of the event said development should always be handled holistically. He said the human person should also be at the centre of any intervention.

He described the Mbororos as a co-community with whom his institution interacts on a daily basis especially in improved pasture for cattle rearing, artificial insemination and dairy production.

The Coordinator of Bui Horse Race, Yaouba Ibrahim, observed that the competition this year witnessed many more horses participating as compared to previous years. He reechoed the enormous support from the Municipal Councils, foreign tourists from the USA and the Netherlands.

“I think that more and more people are coming into the Horse Race issue,” he said.

He announced that preparations for the 2015 Horse Race are beginning soon. He expressed satisfaction with the involvement of many more local groups, the sporting activities and gymnastics.

The Country Director of ‘Knowledge for Children’, an NGO with headquarters in Kumbo, Esly Van Dam, in her presentation, advocated for the education of more girl children. According to her, children of educated women are less likely to die before their first birth day. Educated women are less likely to die during pregnancy, educated women get good jobs and can support their husbands much better, and are better able to financially support their families.

“Educated mothers will also be better teachers to their own children, the girls but also the boys. They are much better to support the children in doing their homework and encourage them to study”, the Country Director explained.

In a highly competitive horse race that took two days, an 11-year-old, Yusufa, who rode Horse No 36 emerged first. Isaga Adamu on Horse No 34 came second and Abasi Umaru on Horse No 1. occupied the 3rd position.

SDO Gives Quitting Orders

As the thousands of Mbororo youths were getting ready to begin the feast after the feast as has been the tradition, SDO Nzeki announced that a Prefectural Order had been issued ordering all the Mbororo youths to quit all hotel rooms latest December 23. He said the end-of-year is a dangerous period and advised the jubilant youths and their parents to go back home and take care of their cattle and other property.

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