Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Bui IA CPDM Sub-Section Reorganised 

By Willibroad B. Nformi

Lawrence Shey Tasha Loweh, renowned economist, was, June 2, humbled by incumbent Bui I A Section President and business magnate, Ferdinand Shey Ngah Maishu, by 345 votes to 249.

The hotly contested election was a component of over two weeks of reorganisation of the basic organs of the ruling CPDM party in the Bui I A Section. Thirty-six Sub-section executives participated in the restructuring of the Section.

Decision No. 01/RDPC/PN of 27July 2010 had split the former Bui I Section into two; Bui IA corresponding to Kumbo Subdivision, while Bui IB comprised the Nkum Subdivision. Service Note No. 35/RDPC/CC/SG/DO of June 13, 2011 created the commission charged with the reorganisation of the new structures with Emmanuel Djoumessi Nganou, Assistant Secretary-General at the Prime Minister’s office, as head of the Bui IA team.

The Nganou-led team reorganised the lower organs of the party which culminated in the election of officials of the three wings of the Bui IA Section; beginning with the YCPDM, Sendze Evans defeating Jifon Yusufu, a Senior Master of Discipline in GBHS Kumbo, 252 votes to 229.
For the WCPDM, newcomer Priscille Adzeyuf Ntumpku, GBSS Kimbo Principal, ousted incumbent Yah Louisa Nyuyseni (Rtd medical doctor) 269 votes to 210.

Installing the elected officials at the Bui Party Secretariat in Tobin, Emmanuel Nganou insisted on team spirit, especially as the Presidential election comes up in October. Bui IA CPDM Section Vice President, Lydia Yah Fondufe, told the press later that with the new team, the CPDM will off-set the status quo in Kumbo.

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