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Bui Mayors Hone Skills On Leadership, Decentralisation 

By Nform Willibroad B. Nformi

Bui Mayor's seminarMayors and their deputies from the six councils of Bui Division, Northwest Region, have been drilled on leadership skills and the on-going decentralisation process in Cameroon.

Organised by the Bui Bureau of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon, UCCC, the two-day seminar kicked off Thursday, August 11 at the Kumbo Council Hall, Tobin.

The seminar was intended to strengthen the capacities of Mayorsin a bid to provide visionary leadership for quality services and local development to populations and communities under their sphere of influence.

Facilitated by a Bamenda-based NGO, Community Initiative for Sustainable Development, COMINSUD, participants were drilled on Decentralisation: Legal and Conceptual Framework; The Mayor as Manager of the Council; The Mayor and Council Leadership; Councils and Service Delivery; Cooperation and Partnership amongst others.

At the seminar, the participants resolvedto appeal to the government to allocate at least 10 percent of the annual state budget to councils for them to ensure a better and more realistic development in the communities.

They also resolved that the government should not only send competent technical and professional personnel to councils on secondment, but should recruit and pay qualified personnel working in councils.

They said the Ministry of Finance should quicken the payment of salaries to Mayors and their deputies.
It was equally resolved that Mayors should be the chairpersons of Land Consultative Boards as well as School Management Councils.

Meanwhile, while opening the seminar, Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Theophile Nzeki, lauded the Bui UCCC bureau for the initiative.

He said the destinies of the population in the six council areas are in the hands of Mayors, reason why the information gotten at the seminar should be implemented in the field.

The SDO said councils that perform well in terms of proper resource management will certainly attract more attention from the state.

He urged Bui councils to be pacesetters and exemplary in the decentralisation notion.
UCCC Bui Bureau President, Suila Aruna Kidze, who doubles as Mayor of Nkum, said since 2004 there has been much talk on decentralisation with little implementation.

He urged his peers to sit up and face the challenges of decentralisation squarely.

Aruna Kidze, however, lauded steps taken lately by the state to ensure a realistic approach to decentralisation. He cited the increasing number of ministerial departments joining the bandwagon, and the creation and functioning of many council internal tenders boards.

“All these are pointers to the fact that expectations to see the decentralisation bear the desired fruits is steadily shifting to us below,”Aruna said.

He, however, regretted the fact that the changes are not yet accompanied by the necessary financial and human resources to make decentralisation effective.

The six councils in Bui Division are managed by six mayors and twenty deputy mayors, comprising Elak-Oku, Jakiri, Kumbo, Mbiame, Nkor-Noni and Nkum.

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