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Bunduma – Buea Chief Enthroned 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Thirty-four-year-old Francis Ngomba Miende was Friday, July 1, recognised as Chief of Bonduma, by the Divisional Officer, DO, of Buea Subdivision, Abraham Chekem. Done with the traditional, legal and administrative rites and procedures, Chief Ngomba Miende, was enthroned after nine years of vacancy in the chiefdom.

Chief Miende of Bunduma raises broom of authority

Making public the Prefectural Order No. 296/2011 of May 19, 2011, that authorises Ngomba Miende to be the Third Class Chief of Bunduma Village in Buea, Chekem reminded the population that Miende is now an auxiliary member of the administration of Cameroon.
"Your new chief will get directives from the administration and bring them to the population and ensure that these directives are executed and feedback given to both sides," the DO said.

Miende was told to endeavour that law and order reigns in Bunduma, judiciously manage arbitrations with his subjects, form a vigilante group, which will work with the forces of law and order, especially at this time that there is a break down in security in Buea municipality, and sensitise the population to register on the electoral list, as Cameroonians look forward to the 2011 Presidential poll.

Chekem enjoined Miende to keep his village clean, since it is in the heart of Buea, and make sure that inhabitants in the village build toilets before building their houses, as a measure to combat the menacing cholera epidemic.

The DO made a call to the rest of the chiefs in Buea subdivision, to make their respective villages a place to be and modernise their ways of managing subjects, unlike what happened in the past. "You have to bring your subjects closer to your administration and seek advice from within your peers to make your stay smooth with your people," Chekem remarked.

Earlier, the President of the Buea Sub divisional Chiefs Conference, Chief France Linonge Kinge, said the credentials of the chief-elect were thoroughly verified before he was eventually admitted as a Chief within the Bakweri Clan. "The traditional anointing and coronation of a chief is not done by chance. Miende will stay in the traditional ‘Mbanjo house’ for seven days with his King Makers and, after that, he will be handed to his villagers," Linonge Kinge explained.

A staunch member of the Sunday Friends Association, SUFA, in Buea, the association’s President, Kenneth Ngong, advised Miende: "He has to show a deep sense of tolerance in the way he carries out his functions, be level-headed in decision-making, especially in this era of divergent views and bring in all the ideas to make his community progress." A delighted Miende said the accessibility of roads within Bunduma and the availability of potable water to the villagers constitute his immediate development plans.

"So, I invite all my subjects to join me make these and more a reality to our cherished village, while ensuring that we all stay in peace, harmony and love for one another," he intimated.
Before relocating back to base in Bunduma, Miende was a Fitter Mechanics with the Aluminium Production Company, ALUCAM in Edea, Littoral Region. He is married and father of two.

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