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Business Coalition Promises To Instill Good Governance 

Business Coalition Against Corruption, BCAC, an African organisation based in Cameroon, has promised to instill good governance in the private business sector.
The promise was made during an event recently held in Yaounde, which was presided at by the Chairman of this Coalition, Kirore Mwuara, attended by top Government officials, diplomats, Entrepreneurs and chief executive business officers
The Honorary Chairman of the Coalition said they have as responsibility to preach, teach, encourage and enhance good governance within the private sector.
“Our field of responsibility is to promote good governance especially within the private sector,’’ he said.
Prior to this promise, the name had been changed from Business Coalition against Corruption to Business Coalition for Good Governance.
According to Kirore, the idea behind the change of name is to improve companies that do not have a business code of conduct. To him, changing the name from corruption to good governance engulfs all including corruption. He remarked that their objectives remain the same despite the change of name.
“So now, the name of the coalition is Business Coalition for Good Governance and our main aim is in the private sector. We train staffs and most especially improve good governance,’’ the President of the Coalition added.
The Post gathered that the main aim of the meeting was to give accounts of expenditure and projects. In perspective for this year, the plan of action was already established and will include training, sharing best practices, monitoring and coaching, advocacy, membership and partnership.
The Coalition was founded in February 2011 with the objective of supporting the Cameroon Government in improving business climate and achieving its ambition to be an emerging economy by 2035.

By Bernadette Franka Nambu Ngong (Siantou Journalism Student on Internship)

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