By Maxcel Fokwen

 A businessman in Kumba, whose name The Post got only as Exhaust, is reported to have been caught eating his own excreta in the early hours of December 27, 2014.

According to eyewitness accounts, the businessman is said to have stepped out of a hotel premises in the Buea Road neighbourhood of Kumba Town, in the early hours of the morning to defecate in the bush. Exhaust, The Post gathered, is associated with stories of always defecating in the bush.

Eyewitness accounts hold that the businessman was caught that fateful morning of December 27 feeding on his own excreta and at the same time rubbing his face with it.

Other accounts hold that Exhaust had failed in respecting the laws of a secret cult of which he is a member; reason why he was given a mysterious slap. The mysterious slap, the accounts further hold, caused him to slump, with one side of his face lying on the faeces, which is how he slept there till passersby saw him at sunrise and started shouting.

The businessman is said to have been taken away from the scene by friends and family members to his house.

Stories abound of people in the likes of Exhaust in ‘K-Town’ who are said to be specialised in the business of money lending but their debtors, it is held, never redeem themselves of the debts.