Monday, November 19, 2018
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Camair-Co Aircraft Catches Fire 

By Barnabas K. Mbonde

Camair Co aircraft

Camair Co aircraft

Camair-Co aircraft, the Dja, on Friday, September 2, caught fire shortly after 7 pm as it prepared to take off at the Nsimalen International Airport in Yaounde, reports said.

The Dja was bound for Douala.

Reports said the Boeing 767-300 was on the runway when a fire broke out in its engines.

“It’s not a fire as such. It is simply a failure that occurred because fuel passed through the combustion chamber without burning. Combustion was carried out rather to the output of the engine.

The failure was shown on the pilot’s dashboard. There is an electronic card that needs to be changed. We’ll do it tomorrow and the plane will leave,” a Camair-Co official was quoted to have said.

Another report said the plane, which just underwent maintenance in Ethiopia, almost crashed around 7:15 p.m during take-off.

The report said the Dja was about to take off when its reactors caught fire. The airport fire brigade reportedly extinguished the flames.

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