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CAMASEJ Meme Picks New Executive 

By Marceline Chick — The Cameroon Association of English-Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, Meme Chapter, has a new executive.

Larry Esong, Publisher of The Scoop Newspaper, is the new Chapter President, assisted by Divine Nyambot.

Ocean City Radio’s Innocent Yuh and Eddy Bokuba were elected as Secretary General and Vice, while Eden’s Jude Njinjuh got the post of Financial Secretary.

The position of Treasurer went to Lake Site Radio’s Gilian Nnah Tita, while Rolantine Nwanjang was voted Organising Secretary.

The Station Manager of the Mbonge Community Radio, Keyna Metuge Nyake, was elected Public Relations Officer, while The Guardian Post’s Maxcel Fokwen won the post of Protocol Officer.

Speaking shortly after his election, The President said CAMASEJ Meme chapter was turning a new page, to foster reconciliation, unity and enhancement of the growth of journalism in Meme Division.

Esong promised to put in place a permanent secretariat for the chapter in the shortest time possible.

While installing the newly elected, CAMASEJ National Social Secretary, Olive Ejang Tebug, congratulated the Esong-led team for their victory.

She cautioned them to shun self interest, backbiting and infighting, but that they should work as a team to enhance journalism in the Division.

 “You have the power as the fourth estate. Make use of that power by reporting objectively,” she said.

Responsible Journalism
Meanwhile, delivering a talk on media crimes and offences during the elective General Assembly, the Senior State Counsel for Meme, Paul Batuo Akong, cautioned journalists to have a sense of probity and professionalism in an era of change.

He said journalists of yesteryears were forces to reckon with in terms of value.
The State Counsel regretted that greed money has reduced the good potentials of journalists in Cameroon.

“You should read and master your language and subject matter so well. Your output is so sensitive to the public. Your listeners are your judges. Be monuments of history by leaving a legacy,” he cautioned.

Earlier, one of the patrons of CAMASEJ of Meme Chapter, Lazarus Tumah Khomi, called on the journalists to add value to their profession, emphasising that no activity can survive nowadays without the media.

Tumah prayed the press corps to live beyond certain standards, while insisting on prudence in their dressing and dealings with the public.

First Published in The Post print edition no. 1333


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