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Cameroon Christian University Matriculates 3rd Batch 

By Chris Mbunwe — The Cameroon Christian University, CCU, Friday, November 16, matriculated its third batch, of some 130 fresh men and women at its main campus in Bali-Mezam Division.

In his speech at the occasion, CCU Vice Chancellor, Professor Emmanuel N. Chia, said the institution is pursuing excellence in quality education based on Christian faith. He said, so far, the results scored by the students of the two year old institution have been brilliant. Professor Chia advised the freshmen to work hard and stay focused. “You must be committed to our goal to bring you up as responsible future Christian leaders, well equipped to transform this country into a God-fearing nation.

Avoid the temptation of following the so-called fashion; trousers that expose your inner wear and some parts of the body, will not be tolerated,” he cautioned. He explained that for freshmen to study at CCU is a serious involvement in the search for the truth. Meanwhile, he expressed regret about the unfortunate passing on of some of the pillars of the institution, Emeritus Professor McMoli, Prof. Ntangsi and Ms. Apongseh.

In an academic discourse titled “Knowledge Production”, the former Rector of the Yaounde I University, Prof. Sammy Beban Chumbow, said Cameron and most African countries are very poor because they produce very little knowledge and largely depend on knowledge produced from outside.  “This is an age of Knowledge economy and those who produce and sell knowledge are powerful nations.  Knowledge is power,” he said.

Prof. Bebang Chumbow said Cameroon shall stop dreaming of becoming an emerging economy if she does not produce quality knowledge, knowledge appropriation such that the resources are transformed. He wondered what ill fate has taken Cameroon hostage for decades when South Korea and Asia that were with Cameroon at the same level five decades back have long emerged. He described the road to emergence as rough and tough.

According to Prof. Chumbow, Cameroon Christian University as a fountain of knowledge should set standards by not producing half-backed graduates. Prof. Chumbow assured parents, whose students were being matriculated, of quality knowledge that will transform Cameroon. The Cameroon Christian University offers study programmes leading to degrees in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences; Science, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Management Sciences in Bali main campus.

Meanwhile, Philosophy, Religious and Social Studies are carried out at the second campus in Kumba. What is new this year is that, while CCU is preparing many postgraduate programmes in Kumba, and the eventual take-off of the second University of the PCC, there is serious preparation for the school of Agriculture to transfer to Fonta soon.

This third matriculation, according to CCU authorities, is indicative that, at the end of this year, CCU will graduate the pioneer batch of students in three-year degree programmes along with first batch of students in the Masters Degree Programmes.

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