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Cameroon Has Enough Resources To Create Jobs – Turkish Ambassador 

By Elizabeth Enanga Mokake — The Turkish Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E Omer Faruk Dogan, has observed that Cameroon has enough resources to create jobs for its unemployed population.

Omer Faruk made the statement in Yaounde on October 4 during a press briefing ahead of the 3th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cameroon. The press briefing was organised by an NGO, Youth Employment Service, YES Cameroon, which is going to host the first International Summit on Entrepreneurship and Job Creation that will run from November 18-22 in Yaounde and Bamenda.

Omer Faruk said what is lacking for job opportunities to be created is the mentality, orientation and training of youths. “Cameroonians are capable of creating jobs but they must first believe that they can,” he reiterated. The Ambassador further explained that there are many sectors in Cameroon which are not well exploited, like the cotton and tourism sectors.

He added that Turkey was once in the same position as Cameroon, but reassured that the presence of Turkey in Cameroon is to give and share, like the Turkish President said while on a visit to Cameroon in March 2010. “We are here for a win-win approach because we want to reduce the cost of living of Cameroonians,” Omer Faruk averred. The diplomat, nonetheless, emphasised on the role the media has to play in orientating youths.

The Executive Director of YES Cameroon, Gilbert Ewehmeh, said Cameroonians do not need 25,000 jobs like the ones offered by the Head of State, Paul Biya, but that young people need to create jobs for themselves. Ewehmeh said this year’s edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cameroon will witness many innovations. “Last year we gave cash to youths to assist them in their projects, but this year we want to strategise our project,” Ewehmeh said.

He added that this year, they will start the project with at least FCFA 20 million. The November summit will bring together government and diplomatic officials, business executives, civil society leaders and unemployed youths, with the objective to come out with concrete recommendations, a working document and best practices towards youth employment in Cameroon.

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First published in The Post print edition no 01470