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Cameroon Hip Hop Music Evolving 

By Asong Achankeng* — Cameroon is taking huge steps in music as hip hop has been making huge strides in recent years.


Cameroonian music was, hitherto, facing a slow growth in the domain of hip hop, as opposed to the Makossa, which has been taking the upper hand in the music industry. The slow evolution of other genres of music is owed to the fact that Cameroon has not been having prominent producers and record labels, which could provide a stage to youngsters to showcase their talents.

Compared with neighbouring Nigerian that has already made a mark in the field of hip hop, featuring with prominent artists in the Diaspora, Cameroonian hip hop, in the last five years, has witnessed wonderful improvement. Hip hop artists have made some great progress  in the previous years but this progress is mainly seen in the French-speaking zone with artists like Krotal, Valsero, just to name a few, who have been having remarkable influence on hip hop.

New record labels and producers in the recent years, like the MUMAK Records, who have signed and groomed a number of artists like Sine, Magasco and Jovi, have captured the minds of young Cameroonians. Jovi who now owns a record label called New Bell Records, which is working to promote Cameroonian hip hop music. His debut album titled ‘’H.I.V” made a mark in the minds of the young Cameroonians.

The most recent mind blowing artist, who has made Cameroon rap intriguing and taken it to another level is Stanley Enow alias Bayangi Boy, with the debut album titled, “Soldier like ma Papa” with the track Hein Pere, with the record label Mother Land Empire. This artist, like Jovi, has developed a new rap style which can be termed Cameroonian style, blending French language with Pidgin English, popularly known as Mboko language or Kwata style. Stanley Enow, who had a prolific 90,000 viewers over the You Tube, shows the kind of talents Cameroon is grooming.

Over the years, we have witnessed many hip hop artists who blend the Cameroon local languages and hip hop. X-maleya have made a marvellous mark in the African hip hop scene, not forgetting  DUC-Z with his latest collaboration with Singula. Many other artists, like STY-PAK and Denzyl, are also making their marks.

To further promote Cameroon’s hip hop, CRTV has taken special interest in the Cameroon hip hop association and the programme runs on national radio every Friday as from 3.00pm. The programme will surely contribute to Cameroon hip hop evolution. Artists are expected to submit either their profiles or send information about them.

D.J Zee, President of the track zone records label based in Buea, however, expressed his dissatisfaction with the Cameroon hip hop music, saying, despite the decision of the CRTV to promote hip hop, is not enough to give the artists the required publicity. Cameroonians music is based on solo efforts, lack of fortified producers and lack of the ability for some artists to collaborate. The coming of some new record labels like, Realm Records, is also marvellously promoting hip hop artists. There are many underground hip hop talents that are yet to blossom.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01461

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