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Cameroon Media Loses 2 Journalists 

By Walter Wilson Nana & Comfort Ashunombi*

Becky Ndive:"Madam Debate" She was the first woman to be a Station Manager of the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV. Becky Njomo Ndive died Monday, July 13, at 2:00 am. She died at St. Veronica’s Clinic, Bokoko, Buea after suffering from a protracted cancer of the bone. Aunty Becky, as she was fondly known, was a woman of verve and charm on the radio like on TV. Aunty Becky hosted some of the hottest, entertaining and educative radio and TV talk shows on CRTV.

Late Becky Ndive

She was born September 21, 1949, to Peter Ndive and Hannah Effange Ndive in Buea. Becky Ndive attended primary school at Baptist School Great Soppo. After making the First School Leaving Certificate, she will move to St. Francis College, Kumba for her secondary education. From Kumba, with her Ordinary Level Certificate, her next stop will be Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology, CCAST, Bambili, where she did her High School and got the Advanced Level Certificate. Back to Buea, Becky Ndive taught at the then Basel Mission School, Buea, now Presbyterian Comprehensive High School, Buea.

Professional Life

In 1971, she left for further studies in Chicago, USA, where she bagged a first degree in Sociology. During her seven-year-sojourn in the US, she also worked and studied in New York.
From the US, Aunty Becky left for Nigeria, where she worked with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, in Jos, Plateau State.

Upon her arrival in Cameroon from Nigeria, Aunty Becky began working with Radio Cameroon in Douala. Subsequently, she will be transferred to Yaounde, where she served as Chief of Bureau, Radio Cameroon from 1982 to 1984. Still in 1982, she also benefited from a Radio Netherlands refresher course on "Dramatisation of Information".

From 1985 – 1986, Aunty Becky moved to the rank of Assistant Chief of Service. This came with a study tour to Germany, precisely at Deutsche Welle, in 1986. Two years later, 1988, Aunty Becky rose to the rank of Chief of Production. To better equip herself, she traveled to the USA for another study tour. She made stopovers at Voice of America, VOA, and other private radio stations in Washington.

Between 1989 – 1992, Becky Ndive served as Chief of Service, Programmes. Once more, to build capacity and catch up with the developing trends in journalism, she was recommended for BBC training on Radio Productions. This took place in 1990 in London, England. In 1992, Aunty Becky was appointed to head CRTV Buea, becoming the first woman to rise to that position. She held this position until 1996. During this period, in 1995, she will travel to Ghana for a training on "Production of Development Programmes."

From being Station Manager, Aunty Becky was moved to the department of Productions at CRTV – Radio, Yaounde, where she served from 1996 to 2003. While in that service, she will fly to Greece in 2001, for a course on "TV Programmes for Children." In October 2003, Aunty Becky was appointed Deputy Director of Radio Programmes, CRTV. She served in this position until her retirement from CRTV in 2008.

Aunty Becky is known to have kept her listeners hooked on to the radio and glued on the TV with programmes such as; Luncheon Date, Women-2-Women, The Wake-Up-Show, Morning Safari, Everything Goes,  Living With Aids, all on the radio and on TV, she hosted programmes like; The Debate, Children With Aunty Becky, and The Monday Show.

Marital Life

1964, Aunty Becky was married to Dr. Emmanuel Mbella Lifafa Endeley, former Prime Minister of West Cameroon (1968 – Jan. 1969). They were blessed with three children. These include; Oscar Findi Endeley (Major in the Cameroon Army in Garoua), Ewelisane Mojoko Endeley, in the US and Susan Endeley Nanyongo, nursing student, Buea. Endeley Nanyongo told this reporter; "After our mum came back from one of her trips to the US, she took a decision to separate from our father." Nanyongo added; "After the separation, she did not re-marry but had her fourth child with Mr. Joseph Atangana, an Architect in Canada."


Nanyongo saw dynamism in her mother. "Aunty Becky was open, tough and straightforward," she said. Mrs. Frida Liengu Mululu, who was the Secretary to Aunty Becky when she was the Station Manager of CRTV Buea, said: "Aunty Becky was duty conscious, very timely manager for a woman.

Before 8 am, she was in her office. She brought in a lot of spice in the programme schedule of CRTV Buea, the CRTV Buea compound was regularly kept very clean, we jointly introduced the restaurant service for CRTV Buea staff, so that work at the station will not be perturbed for any reason," Mululu recalled. Rose Mbole Epie, who worked closely with Aunty Becky at CRTV television in Yaounde, has this memory; "Aunty Becky was a very beautiful woman. She made a big impact on the lives of many people."

CRTV’s "Uncle Vivo"

Vincent Vevanje Lyonga, fondly called ‘Uncle Vivo’, a staff with Mount Cameroon FM, has died.
He died at about 4:30am Tuesday, July 14, 2009 after a protracted illness. He served both as a Sports reporter and one of the presenters of the popular 4pm pidgin news called ‘Tory Time’. Before his death, he was presenting a new programme titled ‘Schools Challenge’.

Late Vevanje

Vevanje, who clocked 42 on June 17, 2009, had developed health problems for the past three months, and was hospitalized at the Atlantic Medical Foundation Health Centre Mutengene where he spent two weeks and was later referred to the Limbe Regional Hospital on Friday July 10, where he was admitted. In the morning of Tuesday, July 14, he gave up the ghost. One of his closest colleagues, George Kole Nkume, said: "I was shocked at the news of my colleague’s death. I cannot mourn him enough. I regret his death and will always live to regret it".

Vincent Vevanje was one of the sons of Pa Vevanje of Bova I and Ma Eposi Vevanje. He was among the pioneer members of Mount Cameroon FM. He got into CRTV in 1999, but started working effectively in the year 2000 at Mount Cameroon FM. He was said to be a multi-talented person, as he initiated and presented a series of programmes such as talk shows, debates, and animation. Vevanje had once been a teacher in PMS Buea where he taught Mathematics.
Before his death, he was the Publicity Secretary of Victoria Government High School Ex-students Association, VIGOSHESA.

He was married to Sophie (his first wife) who later died, and on December 13, 2008, he got married to Martha Lyonga. He leaves behind three kids, family members, colleagues and friends to mourn him. The family is yet to make known funeral arrangements.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

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