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Cameroonian Cabin Crew Take Maiden Working Flight On Ethiopian 

By Barnabas Fang Mbonde12948510_1332701260089742_809177273_o

Forty Cameroonian cabin crew recruited and trained by Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) for three months in Addis Ababa, Friday, April 8, 2016 took off on their maiden working flight aboard Africa’s giant in aviation.

The Cameroonians all passed the mark and made it to the next level, thereby confirming their insertion into this world class airline and star Alliance member.
From April 8, 2016 they will be on one of your flights in and out of Cameroon, offering you the best in customer services available.

The Cameroonian crew comes to swell the over 11,000 aviation professionals already trained by EAA, in line with Ethiopian Airlines’ world policy of giving a local face in local Customer Service, and 323 kilos of suitcases on 13 European destinations; indeed a colossal aviation family.

Routes like Abidjan, China, Congo and other prestigious destinations have had their share of local colourations added to their flight services.

Currently on promo on the Dubai destination and 13 European destinations with unbeatable rates, Ethiopian wants to hit a 300-percent increase in its annual admissions from third-party customers; over 3,865 recruitments by 2025.

Ethiopian executes flights with her Dreamliner aircrafts everyday from Douala and four times a week from Yaounde.
Ethiopian Airlines is extremely excited and can’t wait to share her stories with the entire Cameroon and Africa.

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