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Cameroonian Diaspora Commit To Home Development 

By Walter Wilson Nana

CameroonPostline.com — A group christened Buea–UK Forum from the Cameroonian Diaspora in the United Kingdom has pledged to be part of the development of Cameroon and Buea, in particular. At the maiden edition of the Buea–UK Summit that took place at the Buea Mountain Hotel recently, convenor, Dr. Fred Kemah, cardiologist and President of Buea–UK Forum, said Cameroonians in the Diaspora must be part of Cameroon’s emergence.

He announced that a cardiac facility named FAKO HEART will go operational in Buea come 2015 as part of the development efforts from Cameroonian Diaspora in the UK, USA and their partners. Talking on the relevance of public safety, Dr. Kemah enjoined Cameroonians and the people in Buea to minimise hazards that come with a growing population and the need to avoid road accidents.

While entreating all to be health conscious, the cardiologist reiterated the need to have guidelines and pre-assessment in medical practice in hospitals across Cameroon. On the numerous and ghastly road accidents experienced in Cameroon in recent years, Andrew Epie Endeley of the Oxford School of Transport, London, indicated that road signs are a must on the country’s road networks.

He recommended that before anyone is issued a driver’s licence, they should be screened for sanity, sight and blood pressure. With the changing trends and updated developments in all spheres of life, Endeley expressed the need for eco-safe driving, a new driving code for Cameroon and a speed awareness course from local councils to drivers and other road users.

This, according to him, will be an opportunity for council authorities to make some revenue.
From John Hopkins Hospital, USA, Emmanuel Allotey appealed to the Cameroonian Diaspora, the authorities in Buea and the Southwest Region to put a lot of stress on education, adding that the development of Cameroon must come with achievable goals.

Dr. Evaristus Enongene, clinical toxicologist from the US, corroborated him, stating that universities across Cameroon must be involved in the educational and informative set up of the country’s health system. Dr. Enongene expressed the wish to see a department of toxicology opened in Cameroonian universities so as to enhance safety and make available data on products produced in Cameroon.

Still from the US, chartered accountant, Shelley Mo-Lambe invited Cameroonian authorities to facilitate the acquisition of land for Cameroonian Diaspora, while breaking the huge custom barriers that are deterring the adequate flow of hard currency into Cameroon’s economy.

The Registrar of the University of Buea, Prof. Chief Samson Negbo Abangma, lauded the Buea-UK Summit initiative and encouraged the moves to bring knowledge and hard currency back home.“The Government of Cameroon is not doing much in these areas but we have to move forward,” he said.

The 4th Deputy Mayor of Buea, Comfort Ojongpot, pledged on behalf of the Buea Council to work hand-in-glove with the Buea-UK Summit organisers in various aspects of the municipality’s development. She remarked that Buea Council is working on an educational project for the population in the wake of the deadly road accidents recorded since the ridge on the main road was removed.

Secretary General in the Southwest Governor’s office, Clement Fon Ndikum, appreciated the discussions saying; “Government cannot do it alone, let those of us in the Diaspora not relent in making Buea and Cameroon a better place.” He wished that the thoughts of Buea-UK Forum should go beyond Buea, Fako Division and the Southwest Region. Henry Walla from England, Chairperson of the Forum, moderated the discussions.

First published in The Post print edition no 01495

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