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Cameroonian Woman Wins Prestigious Medical Award 

By Muto Mulema

( — Rose Gana Fomban Leke is the winner of the 2011 Nkwame Nkrumah Award for the best female scientist in Africa. The award was recently conferred upon the seasoned researcher and medical professor last week by the award committee.

The award recognizes Professor Leke’s contributions in malaria research and the brave war she engaged against the scourge especially among pregnant women. The scholar has worked and published extensively on placental malaria and has broken new grounds in clinical care for pregnant women suffering from malaria. Thanks to her findings, malaria in pregnant women has come to be better understood and treated as a potentially fatal condition.

Her tireless effort towards combating malaria in the tropics has attracted enormous admiration from colleagues and support from international organizations. “She has set new standards in areas where many research works have not delved,” Wilfred Mbacham, public health professor and Fellow of the Cameroon Academy of Science admitted. “This award is true recognition of her efforts.”

Professor Leke is director of the Biotechnology Research Centre of the University of Yaounde I located at Nkolbisson. She teaches immunology and parasitology at the faculty of medicine and Biomedical Sciences. She also lectures at the Georgetown University in the U.S. where she currently supervises 5 PhD students. She is married to retired gynaecologist and likewise medical professor Robert Leke. Her daughter is equally a medical doctor.

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