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Cameroon/Nigeria Border Slammed Shut By Ebola Scare 

By Isidore Abah & *Aisha Endale Njeba

With at least four Ebola Virus deaths already reported in Nigeria, the Government of Cameroon has decided to close all its borders with Nigeria and rigorously check movement in and out of the two countries.
The move by the Government is intended to check the importation of the virus into Cameroon, as Cameroon and Nigeria share long borders, as porous as they are in most cases.
This is one of the resolutions arrived at in Yaounde, during a meeting grouping Government Ministers, all 10 Regional Delegates of Public Health among other stakeholders and was made public by the Southwest Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Victor Mbome Njie, on Saturday, August 16 in Mutengene, during the installation of newly appointed leaders of the Baptist Hospital Mutengene.
According to Dr Mbome, Cameroon is in the pre-epidemic phase of the Ebola Virus and this phase requires total alert and increased surveillance across its territorial boundaries.
However, given the long standing collaboration between the Baptist Hospital and the Ministry of Public Health in the provision of health care services in Cameroon, the Southwest Public Health Delegate said the newly appointed leaders of the Baptist Hospital, who include; Drs Henry Ndasi, Kabeya Madimba, Gerald Ekwen, Evans Mbanga, and Messrs. Samuel Loke and Francisca Epie will form part of the increased surveillance team that will strive to prevent any case of the Ebola Virus from getting into Cameroon, since the country is yet to diagnose any single case.
Dr Mbome exhorted the team to use their new posts of responsibility to render quality health care services to all Cameroonians. As he put it, the Ministry of Public Health has always used the Baptist Hospital as pacesetters in healthcare delivery in Cameroon.
He equally appealed to the population to beware of the kind of information they spread concerning the virus. Dr Mbome said a patient caused consternation at the Mamfe hospital when he was insisting on the doctor to check his Ebola. This move, the Delegate said, caused a lot of panic among other patients.
Commissioning the new hospital leaders, the Director of the Baptist Health Services, Prof Pius Tih Muffih, urged them to be of good courage, assiduous and strive to always save lives.
According to Prof Tih, a hospital is not determined by the magnificent and gigantic structures it has, but by the quality health care service it provides and the number of lives it saves and the smiles it puts on the faces of the patients, their family members and loved ones.
The Director thanked the outgoing hospital leaders for their selfless services rendered to the hospital and for making the Baptist Hospital what it is today.
 Speaking on behalf of the newly appointed leaders, the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Henry Tanyi Ndasi, said with a staff strength of over 300 personnel, with nine General Practitioners, GPs and four specialist doctors, the Baptist Hospital Mutengene has what it takes to become a referral hospital.
He thanked the hospital board for bestowing their trust on him and his team and pledged that they will not only save lives, but provide the best health care services that will meet international standards.
Dr Ndasi appealed to members of his team and the general public to collaborate and work together as a team to succeed in what he termed a daunting task.
He, nonetheless, said the hospital is in need of infrastructure to adequately accommodate its various services.
Earlier in his message titled: “What does it take to succeed in leadership?”, Pastor Joseph Nsame beseeched the newly appointed leaders to be humble, courageous, strong and positive about the people they will be working with.
*(ASMAC Journalism Student On Internship)

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