Saturday, November 17, 2018
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CAMPOST Launches Website To Boost Customer Relation 

By Franca Sulem*

 The Cameroon Postal Services, CAMPOST, has launched a website to enhance interaction with its clients.

The new link, will go operational on May 4. CAMPOST General Manager, Herve Beril, made the disclosure at the CAMPOST premises in Yaounde on April 28. "This falls within the framework of our plan to re-dynamise the enterprise. We intend to meet the exigencies of the clientele," Beril stated.

He said the website is meant to be a vital consultative and informative bond between the enterprise and its customers. Beril said, unlike the previous website which was administered by technicians, this site will be managed by a team of efficient communicators who will ensure that the site is bilingual and updated.

Going by the CAMPOST boss, the website will constitute a home page, a photo gallery, a suggestion box, a newsletter, a question-answer forum, a publicity page and a window which will link up to other sites like Facebook and Twitter. These, he intimated, will enable his company know its number of clients and the customers to get informed about CAMPOST’s innovations and projects.

"We want our clients to asses the quality of our services," the General Manager said, adding that the Far North will henceforth benefit from their services. The Webmaster, Cyrille Ndjomo, who doubles as the Director in charge of Marketing and Communications, expressed hope that the new website will help boost the visibility of the enterprise and ameliorate their commercial and marketing strategy.

*(UYI student on internship)

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