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CAMTAINER Director Fined 2 Cows 

By Maxcel Fokwen — The Director General of Cameroon National Transportation and Forwarding Company (CAMTAINER) Peters Ekolle has been fined by his relations for acts of dishonor and denigration committed on two Bakundu elites, Benjamin Motanga Itoe and Bertha Ndoh Bakata.

Ekolle is expected to pay a fine of two cows, 20 crates of beer and 10 bottles of whisky to the Bakundu community as punishment for press comments he made which were judged injurious to the image of the former Minister, Special Adviser at the Prime Minister’s office and the Bakundu community.

The sanctions were pronounced Sunday February 2, during the 39th annual congress of BACDU staged in Nake-Bongwana Mbonge Subdivision presided at by the First Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Epule Mboa.

Pronounced as one of the key resolutions of the annual festival that saw some 36 Bakundu villages converge under the leadership of Benjamin Itoe, many an observer are questioning  why the people abandoned development issues plaguing the Bakundus to deliberate on a single individual.

Commenting on the sanctions, BACDU President General, Motanga Itoe, stated that the decision was unanimously taken by Bakundu chiefs, elite and every other Bakundu person.
Motanga further said that Ekolle made comments which were found injurious to two top Bakundu elite who have worked very hard to elevate themselves educationally and are now helping the Bakundus to grow.

Motanga admitted grooming the CAMTAINER Director to the level he is now; “I Benjamin Motanga Itoe made that man Peter Ekolle what he is today. He has gone astray and our prayer now in the Bakundu land is for him to repent from his prodigal behavior,” Motanga said.

Ekolle, who was tried and sanctioned, had in a news article highlighted issues relating to the controversy surrounding the leadership of the Bakundus and an alleged dispute over FCFA 700,000 he had with Bertha Ndoh during the elections period. The Post gathered that it took the Bakundus over three months of in-house deliberations and high level consultations to finalise the sanctions meted on Ekolle.

It is equally emerging that it was Motanga who brought Ekolle from the high seas where he was serving as a ship captain to the CAMTAINER where he rose to the rank of director general.
Beyond the event, rumours floated that there are those who still detest the transfer of power from Tata Okia Namata Elangwe to Benjamin Itoe as President General of BACDU. One of such supporters, The Post noted, is former BACDU Secretary General, George Musima Lobe, who was absent from the event.

Among the controversies, the visible absence of most Mbonge elite at the BACDU conclave still speaks volumes in the mind of political observers. The likes of Justice Abednego Kala, Dr. Zacheus Ebongo Nanje, Senator Andrew Otte and the Mayor to the Mbonge Council were noticeably absent. Added to the elite, economic operators who have always made their presence felt during the cultural festival were equally absent.

Staged under the theme “Peace and Unity”, the impact of the cultural festival remains to be seen coupled with the pockets of hidden problems between the Bakundus and the Mbonges which go a long way to give the entire Meme Division a dicey political image. For newly appointed Financial Secretary of BACDU, Aghim Abunaw Obase, the congress was a complete success.

First published in The Post print edition no 01503

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