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Cardinal Tumi, Other Clerics Convene Stormy AAC III 

Photo by Benjamin Zotter reprinted with permission

Conference To Seek Lasting Solution To Anglophone Crisis

Give 2 Tough Conditions For Participation

Appeal To Restoration Forces To Down Arms

Tells Gov’t To End Military Hostilities, Bring Back Fleeing Population

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai & Sylvester Atemnkeng

Archbishop Emeritus of Douala Archdiocese, His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi; the Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Rev. George Babila Fochang, the Imam of the Bamenda Central Mosque, Tukur Mohammed Adamu and the Chief Imam of the Buea Central Mosque, Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar; have convened an Anglophone General Conference for August 29 and 30 in Buea.

The information is contained in an announcement signed by the above servants of God after a meeting in Douala on July 25 on the invitation of Cardinal Tumi.

The objective of the conference, it is stated, is to promote peace in Cameroon. Below is the full content of the announcement.

“In the name of the Almighty God, the Father and Creator of all of us, we His undersigned servants, met today, July 25, 2018, in Douala at the invitation of His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi, to reflect and pray over the political, social, economic and security situation prevailing in Anglophone Cameroon (Northwest and Southwest Regions).

“As we all know, the people of these two regions have suffered enough hardship in the nearly two years since the present crisis erupted in October 2016. We believe that the moment has come to put an end to the conflict through a frank, inclusive and comprehensive national dialogue on the Anglophone Problem. We therefore, fervently appeal to the President of the Republic, Head of State, to organise such a dialogue as soon as possible.

“We recognise that absolute necessity for the people of the Southwest and Northwest Regions to hold a preparatory general conference in order to agree on the issues to be examined at the national dialogue on the Anglophone Problem and to freely designate their representatives at that dialogue.

“Accepting our moral responsibility to promote peace and harmony among all God’s children, we hereby freely take the initiative to constitute ourselves into a college of conveners for the purpose of summoning the required General Conference of the people of the Southwest and Northwest Regions. To this end, we hereby convene an Anglophone General Conference (AGC) to be held in Buea on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30, August 2018.

“The Anglophone General Conference will be organised by a broad-based conference organising committee comprising representatives of traditional and religious authorities, civil society leaders, professional associations, women and youth groups, trade union organisations, etc. Participation in the conference will be open, and limited to all Cameroonian citizens living in Cameroon or abroad who fall in one of the following two categories:

i) Those whose ancestral origins are within one of the 13 Divisions of the territory that today constitute the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon; or

ii) Those whose parents or grandparents, not having their ancestral origins in one of the 13 Divisions of the Southwest and Northwest Regions, settled permanently in this territory as at 1st October 1961.

“The Governors of the Northwest and Southwest Regions shall be invited to attend the Anglophone General Conference in person or through their designated representatives.

“We hereby designate Dr. Simon Munzu, a well-known Civil Society personality and the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, as spokesperson, Adviser to the Conveners and Coordinator of the Conference Organising Committee.

“We call upon the Government of Cameroon and the various armed groups that now operate throughout the territory of the Northwest and Southwest Regions, to declare an immediate end to military hostilities in these two regions and thus create favourable conditions for finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Anglophone Problem and to ending the Anglophone Crisis in our country through dialogue.

“We pray the Government of Cameroon to create favourable conditions for the participation of all qualified individuals in the Anglophone General Conference by discontinuing all criminal proceedings and ordering the release of all persons currently detained in connection with the Anglophone Crisis as well as facilitating the return of persons who have been internally or externally displaced as a result of the Anglophone Crisis since October 2016, including those on exile and refugees.

“We call upon all the people of the Northwest and Southwest Regions living at home and abroad to make the sacrifices necessary, even in these difficult circumstances, to attend the Anglophone General Conference massively, and thus contribute directly to collectively search for a final, lasting and satisfactory solution to the Anglophone Problem and Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon.

“We request public authorities at local, sub-divisional, divisional, regional and national levels as well as the friends of Cameroon in the international community to support our initiative and thus contribute to the success of the Anglophone General Conference as a necessary first step towards a national dialogue on the Anglophone Problem.
“Finally, we urge all Cameroonians to continue to pray for peace and harmony in our land.”
Done in Douala this 25th Day of July, 2018.


His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi;

Rev. Babila George Fochang – Synod Clerk, Presbyterian Church in Cameroon;

Imam Tukur Mohammed Adamu – Bamenda Central Mosque, Northwest Region;

Imam Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar – Chief Imam, Central Mosque, Buea, Southwest Region.