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Caregivers Empowered To Provide Psychosocial Assistance 

By Basil K. Mbuye

CameroonPostline.com — Proprietors of orphanages and welfare institutions in the Southwest Region have been drilled on providing psychosocial assistance to orphans and vulnerable children.

Participants at the end of seminar on psychosocial care at HOTPEC orphanage

The social caregivers were also trained on elementary skills to better manage their organisations, and also relate effectively with the government. This was during a series of training workshops on psychosocial support and care to orphans and vulnerable children that ended on Thursday, April 5, at the Hephzibah Handicapped and Orphanage Training, Production and Ecstasy Centre, HOTPEC, Mile 14, Buea.

While closing the seminar, an official of Southwest Social Affairs Delegation, Fidelis Njie urged participants to implement the knowledge and skills acquired, promote welfare values and ensure efficient and effective management of available resources.

He said the seminar was very timely and would help promoters and caregivers of orphanages and other institutions that are taking care of vulnerable children because a good number of them were lacking in the area of psychosocial support.

Njie said resource persons for the training came from an organisation in South Africa known as REPSSI, which he said has mastery in providing psychosocial support to vulnerable children. “In psychosocial support, we are talking of counselling and orientation, providing legal and other supports to enable a stressed patient to get out of his/her situation of imbalance to a situation of balance.

“One of the reasons why people commit suicide or are victims of heart attack is their inability to manage their problems. So people with sound knowledge of psychosocial assistance can help others to overcome their social traumas and better manage problem situations in life,” he said.
Njie expressed thanks to the sponsor and initiator of the programme, Dr. Mrs. Spora Siri Nangah and resources persons from South Africa, Kirstie and Siphelile.

A participant, Felicia Doh, a caregiver in Destitute Home, an orphanage in Small Soppo Buea, said, thanks to the seminar, she has learnt that an orphanage is not only meant to take care of orphans and abandoned children, but also to reach out to the community. “So far, at the level of Destitute Home, we have been able to identify the family members of some of our orphans and reintegrate them,” Doh said.

A high point of the ceremony was the presentation of certificates of recognitions to the South African trainers by HOTPEC Director, Mugri Zadock. The seminar was coordinated by Rockzine Aneibu Mbanwei of HOTPEC Orphanage and supervised by the Southwest Regional Delegation of Social Affairs.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01334

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