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Castel Beer Feasts With Workers On Labour Day Eve 

By Daniel Gwarbarah

Thousands of workers and other Cameroonians of all walks of life in the Centre Region, April 29 – 30, joined the Castel Beer bandwagon to feast ahead the 124th edition of the celebration of the International Labour Day on May 1, 2010. The venues were Odzoa and Mfou neighbourhoods of Yaounde.  The theme of the celebration was "Combating Vulnerability in the Professional Milieu."

The occasion which began at 6.00 pm at both venues with melodious songs played by the Castel Beer Orchestra, was marked at the Odzoa feast ground by the triumphal entry and presentation of the animators.  Benga and Elogo were brought in amidst ululations on a sports bike and a well dressed horse respectively.

The supervisor of the Castel Beer animation that evening, Douglas Essimi, told The Post that bringing in animators on a sports bike and on a horse was an innovation to stir the anxiety and sharpen the taste of Castel Beer Fans. He said for some months, Les Brasseries du Cameroun, which produces Castel Beer, has been working with the Kamga Family that provided and dressed the horse for the occasion.

The Supervisor of Animation of Events in the Centre Regional Agency of Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Thomas Fotso, told the press that the choice of the cite to feast with consumers of the Castel Beer was influenced by its location at the heart of Odzoa and its capacity to host a huge population.  He added that the fact that the venue was located along a major axis to the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport, as well as exit from Yaounde to the Grand South was an added advantage.

He said the Castel Beer bandwagon, through its policy of proximity, decided to commune that evening with workers and the population of Odzoa as well as travelers who were coming into or going out of the city of Yaounde. Mr. Fotso noted that because of the huge number of Castel Beer hostesses and security agents, the consumers savoured the drink in all tranquility.

He added that by ushering in animators on a sports bike and a horse, that action alone was sending a message to Castel Beer consumers that they are highly privileged people whose pleasure in consuming the drink must be maintained. Fotso said the move was also to make Castel Beer consumers understand that they would continue to discover great things as the bandwagon moves along.

Hailing the Orchestra for delivering the hit songs that kept the Castel Beer consumers spell-bound, Fotso said the company has two of such huge bands that animate in their spheres of the Centre, South and East Regions. The consumers who took part in the quizzes happily went home with many prizes.

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