Monday, August 3, 2020
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Anglophone Crisis: The Internet Generals Leading Us over a Cliff

By Julius Wamey The current situation in the Anglophone regions reminds me of a military joke I read in Readers’ Digest decades ago. It told the story of a squad of British soldiers whose sergeant had become so confused in his orders that he was marching the squad towards a cliff. Seeing what was to become ...Full Article

Anglophone Parents, the Revolution is Eating Our Children

By Julius Wamey Any Anglophone parent who is not currently preparing his child(ren) to return to school in September is a very sorry excuse for a ...Full Article

Alarming chimes of war between the West and Russia

As the United States and its NATO allies persist in their belligerence towards Russia over the Ukraine, the journey to a major armed conflict with global ...Full Article

Ramblings on the “Charlie Hebdo” tragedy

By Clovis Atatah Anybody who has been following the news is surely aware of the shootings Wednesday at the offices in Paris of French satirical newspaper ...Full Article

NW Region The Caesarean Womb Of CMR’s Democracy

By Francis Wache “Bamenda, the place where heroes go to die.” That is how Julius Wamey, the famous CRTV anchor, in an article titled in the ...Full Article
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