Saturday, January 18, 2020
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ROUGHSHOD: Cameroon’s Medals Mere Metals

By Bouddih Adams The so called medal award committee of the grand chancellery of national orders is currently in session with attendant huge sitting allowances, examining files from all over the Cameroons for medals to be awarded to applicants. Why should one apply for a medal for the work that he or she has rendered to ...Full Article

Letter From Yaounde To Buea

Dear Mbella, I read you with some laughter because I discovered that you are too naïve to savour the intrigues of the people’s call. The call, ...Full Article

ROUGHSHOD: Cameroon Health System Kills Woman In Labour, Unborn Twins

Again, the Biya regime or system has this habit of diverting attention on burning issues by creating a situation that people would be looking or concentrating ...Full Article

ROUGHSHOD: Skies Weep Over CPDM Peoples Call

By Bouddih Adams The heavens seemed to have decided against the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM militants’ organised call on March 5, to President Biya to ...Full Article


I was in Morocco for a two-week seminar on fisheries. Participants came from all over. Moroccans can be very diplomatic; to the point that, whether they ...Full Article

ROUGHSHOD: Wake Up, Mr. President, Happy Birthday!

By Bouddih Adams Wake up, Mr. President. Happy 84th Birthday! Happy Youth Day! Happy Lovers’ Day However, I am very sorry to wake you up from ...Full Article

Issues At Stake: Cameroon As French Bilingual Country

By Yerima Kini Nsom On Friday, February 5, the country’s Basic and Secondary Education officials played to the gallery again. They rolled out the drums in ...Full Article

Letter From Buea To Yaoundé

Dear Ngwa, A little bird told me that the media weevils and other “over-sabis” have been telling you to your face that “meal ticket” or not, ...Full Article

Background of Ruin XXIII Of Political Careerists And Their Self-Contradictory Propositions

It is true that it took many years for America to tower like a temple and to bloom like a flower, perfect in all its parts, ...Full Article

ROUGHSHOT: Boko Haramisation Boomerang

By Bouddih Adams I am scribbling this piece when Tchadian forces have done to Boko Haram elements what they have been doing to innocent Nigerians and ...Full Article
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