Monday, January 20, 2020
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Sam-Nuvala Fonkem And The Foot-Prints of An Exceptional Era Of Journalism In Cameroon

I usually shun hyperbole in speech and writing, but I can state that by ensuring the legacy for posterity of Cameroon Report (Cameroon Calling), Sam-Nuvala Fonkem placed indelible foot-prints of an exceptional era in Radio Journalism in Cameroon.  In November 2014, I was lounging during a break from panels at the African Studies Association Conference in ...Full Article

“Death, Be Not Proud” – Adieu, Ni Sam-Nuvala Fonkem

“Death, Be Not Proud,” for ideas render you irrelevant. This line from British metaphysical poet, John Dunn, along with the Socratic notion of prioritizing ideas over interlocutors constitutes, in my thinking, ...Full Article

Gone So Soon, O’Sam

By Bouddih Adams O’Sam, why the sudden departure, at the 62nd minute, Of the social soccer which you tangoed in life? Your fans bemoan the 28 ...Full Article

O’Sam Tasted Demon Forms of Crazy

By Boh Herbert Alas, from DCI can only mourn, not bury O’Sam May be as well. A spirit so free no grave imprisons. ‘Tis easier to ...Full Article

Tributes to Legendary Journalist, Sam-Nuvala Fonkem

Lead Story Sam-Nuvala Fonkem: He Dared To Be Different! By Charlie Ndi Chia   The eulogies have been steadily streaming in since O’Sam passed on, on Thursday, ...Full Article

Where is CONAC’s Banner Without Stain?

By Charlie Ndi Chia ‘The Star’ newspaper raised the issue in its edition of Monday, October 12, 2015, and was understandably bitter with the National Anti-corruption ...Full Article

How Boko Haram Littered Fotokol Mosques With Corpses

By Yerima Kini Nsom Close to 1,000 Boko Haram terrorists stormed the border town of Fotokol in the Logone and Chari Division of the Far North ...Full Article
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