Monday, July 22, 2019
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Literary Corner

How Has Women’s Day Improved Their Status?

Compiled By Elvis Tah, Francis Tim Mbom, Chris Mbunwe & Sixtus Mbom I think women’s status has improved a lot. There is a lot of awareness and empowerment of women because many families today do not neglect the education of the girl-child as was the case in the past. It is only with education that a ...Full Article

Book Review: African Sex Education

Title: African Sex Education: Chronicles and Manual Author: Boniface Wewe Publisher: iUnivsere Books, Bloomington, USA Reviewer: Azore Opio If you haven’t read this book, then you ...Full Article

Governor Abakar Hails Mathew Takwi’s “Gaining The Game”

By Chris Mbunwe Northwest Governor, Abakar Ahamat, has expressed the wish to see Mathew Takwi’s drama piece, "Gaining The Game", transformed into CDs because of its ...Full Article

UN Warns Leaders Who Massacre Citizens

By Francis Wache The American Ambassador to the United Nations, UN, Susan Rice, referred to the sanctions against the tottering Muammar Gaddafi regime as “biting.” ...Full Article

Do Our Youth A Favour And Retire, Mr. President!

By Martin Jumbam Whenever I feel crushed by the legendary hustle and bustle of the rat race that the life in Douala has become, I always ...Full Article

The Ballot Box

By Thaddeus Besong Nyenty , ENAP Buea On November 8, 2000, Bill Clinton said, "The American people have spoken, but it is going to take a ...Full Article

What Should Be Done For The Mt. Cameroon Race To Regain Its Glory Of Yesteryears?

Compiled by Chris Mbunwe, Elvis Tah, Kini Nsom & Francis Tim Mbom   The Mount Cameroon Race succeeded in the past because it was identified with ...Full Article

How To Resolve The Crisis In Ivory Coast: 4th Option

By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai* The bellicose rhetoric of the AU and the belated threat of military action by ECOWAS, have been informed by sheer public relations, not ...Full Article

What Should Be Done To Avert The Egyptian-type Uprising In Cameroon?

Compiled By Yerima Kini Nsom, Chris Mbunwe, Elvis Tah, Francis Tim Mbom & Elizabeth Enanga Mokake (ASMAC Student On Internship) Cameroon and nations like Egypt, Tunisia, ...Full Article

Waiting For The Imminent ELECAM Revolution

By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Yaounde To cause the euphoric CPDM barons to descend from their imaginary horses of pride, I gave them the following caution when they ...Full Article
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