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Literary Corner

Biya’s Predictions For 2011

By Francis Wache The year just beginning will not be an easy one. In fact, according to President Biya, "it will not be an ordinary one." In his end-of-year speech, the President talked about celebrating 50 years of Reunification without saying when or even giving a skeletal gist of what the celebrations will look like. ...Full Article

How Did You React To The New Year SMS Wishes From The Presidential Couple?

Compiled by Nformi Sonde Kinsai, Anna Ngoran Labiv, Lydie Yuri & Francis Tim Mbom I was very indifferent to the message except that I wept about ...Full Article

Letter To The Editor

By Hubert Kamgang* Dear Editor-in-Chief, As a faithful reader of The Post, I would like you to publish my reaction to Hon. Paul Ayah’s Comments On ...Full Article

From Ivory Coast To South Sudan

By Rebecca Tickle At last, the voice of the people of Ivory Coast has made itself loud enough to be heard for the moment by the ...Full Article

Biya, Fru Ndi and the Bamenda Grasslander, Please ‘Mind The Gap’

By Shey Benjamin Serkfem For those who have experienced the London train transport, the firm advice ‘Mind the Gap,’ when the train stops and just before ...Full Article

Comments On President Biya’s Address

By Paul Ayah It was very honest of President Biya to admit that 2010 was a fiasco except for dining and wining during the so-called 50 ...Full Article

What Are Your Expectations From The Government In 2011?

Compiled by Nformi Sonde Kinsai, Leocadia Bongben & Lydie Yuri If you compare the infant mortality in Cameroon with that of other countries, you will agree ...Full Article

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh Sheds Light On Cote d’Ivoire Crisis

Dear readers, With Ivorian emissaries coming to Cameroon and some of our fellow citizens taking public stances on the ongoing political crisis in Cote d’Ivoire, I ...Full Article

Vox Pop: Why Is The Day After Xmas Boxing Day?

Compiled By Chris Mbunwe, Nformi Sonde Kinsai & Elvis Tah To the best of my knowledge, it is a day after Christmas where people relax after ...Full Article

WIKILEAKS: The West Wary Of Sino-Cameroon Relations

By Aloysius Agendia In a recent WikiLeaks cable of the US Embassy in Cameroon, released on December 08, 2010, the former US Ambassador Cameroon Janet Elisabeth ...Full Article
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