Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Literary Corner

Vox pop:Should Cameroon Continue Importing Rice And Fish?

Compiled by Chris Mbunwe, Nformi Sonde Kinsai, Sarah Luma* & Helen Tanyitiku* *(Soa Law & UB Journalism Students On Internship) In my opinion, since the country produces rice and I have also heard of the ocean where they can do fishing, let the government of Cameroon finance the farmers that cultivate rice so that their industry should go further, ...Full Article

ELECAM, Government And Cameroonians: Who Is Fooling Who?

By Elvis Tah Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, is supposedly an independent body created to take over from the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINADT, and the defunct National Elections ...Full Article

Cameroonians Should File More Cases Before International Human Rights Bodies

By Ndode N. Nkumbe Esq, Bochum, Germany Cameroonians Should File More Cases Before International Human Rights Bodies In 1998, Cameroon was singled out as the only State party to ...Full Article

How Do You Assess Health Policies In Cameroon, Following Gov’t’s Reaction To The Cholera Epidemic

Compiled by Lydie Yuri, Paul Udoh*, Marie Solange Moki*, Eulalia Amabo* (UB Journalism Students on Internship) & Rose Tang*, Siantou University Journalism Student on Internship) It simply portrays that ...Full Article

ENS Doors Widen, But

By Junior Samba The competitive entrance examination into the Higher Teacher Training College, ENS, have recently appeared to be more accessible than before. Previously, in as much as there ...Full Article

Emergency Preparedness And Response: It’s Time For Cameroon

By Denis A. Foretia, MD* In the last month at least 200 men, women and children have died in northern Cameroon according to reports from the Ministry of Public ...Full Article

ELECAM And The Problem Of Election Rigging

By Frankline C. Kimbeng* What is being foisted on Africa is a version of liberal democracy reduced to the crude simplicity of multiparty elections. This type of democracy is ...Full Article

Vox pop: How Can The Rampant Accidents On Our Roads Be Curbed

By Francis Tim Mbom, Quinta-Belle, Franka Tankeng, Francis Ngoh Bau, Marie Ngana & Jude Fuhnwi The government should create a means through which the drivers are sensitised on aspects ...Full Article

Chemistry of Corruption

By Bouddih Adams Cameroonians have elevated corruption into a fine art with its experts and devotees. It goes that every field of human endeavour or activity has its experts ...Full Article

GCE Losing Autonomy!

By Clement Ngwa Kwang The public is now aware of certain embarrassments which the GCE Board that they cherish so much is embroiled in. And this is just the ...Full Article
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