Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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2018 Presidential Polls: Can Akere Muna Finally Break Anti-Opposition Coalition Jinx?

By Joe Dinga Pefok For over two decades, opposition political parties in Cameroon have been unable to create a strong coalition that can challenge President Biya’s ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, in any election. However, a couple of weeks after Barrister Akere Muna created the Platform for a New Republic in Yaounde to rally support for his 2018 ...Full Article

Released SCNC Firebrand Warns gov’t Against Looming Danger

Maxwell Oben, Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC Yaounde Representative cum Chairman of the Southern National Commission for Human Rights, has been released on bail, after spending four years at ...Full Article

Anglophone Crisis: The Internet Generals Leading Us over a Cliff

By Julius Wamey The current situation in the Anglophone regions reminds me of a military joke I read in Readers’ Digest decades ago. It told the story of a ...Full Article

Anglophone Parents, the Revolution is Eating Our Children

By Julius Wamey Any Anglophone parent who is not currently preparing his child(ren) to return to school in September is a very sorry excuse for a parent. Apart from ...Full Article

Zachary Nkwo’s Image Painted With Words

By *Kikefomo wan-Mbulai When Zachary Nkwo passed on to eternity on June 4, 2017, any Cameroonian who had been ...Full Article

Letter To The Editor: American Citizen Declared Chief Of Small Soppo Wovilla Amid Protest

In the Wovilla village consultative talks that started sometime in 2015 and ended on the 1st of April 2016 with the questionable election of one Dr. Augustine Evella Kange, ...Full Article

The Gory Scares Of The 2008 Strike In Cameroon

Years have come and gone, political pontifications have been parroted by President Paul Biya and his cronies, law makers in Cameroon have clapped the Constitution into amendment without opposition, ...Full Article

Searching For Common Ground In Nepal

*By Mwalimu George Ngwane Political engineering is as contentious as defining and adapting democracy in contemporary society. Both processes can, by omission or commission, polarise the very society they ...Full Article

The Anti-Terrorism Bill

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