Thursday, November 15, 2018
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New Math Hubs Poised to Boost Development in Africa

By Ntaryike Divine Jr Experts are touting the need for more courses in math and science as the best way to promote development in Africa.  In Mbour, Senegal, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences or AIMS is doing just that. Development experts are unanimous that Africa will continue to trail other parts of the world until its leaders begin ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 29: Cameroon Warns U.S. Gov

This cable recounts a March 2008 meeting between the then Minister of External Relations Henri Eyebe Ayissi and then U.S. Ambassador Janet Garvey, about a month before the life ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 28: Replaying the Life Presidency Constitutional Coup

This cable was written in 2008 during the tenure of Ambassador Janet Garvey by the Political Officer of the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde. It recaps the final scene of ...Full Article

True Confession: Turned to a Punching Bag for Love

By Fatima* — I am so glad to take advantage of this opportunity offered by to share my little experience on social relationships with other readers of ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 27: How U.S. Tried to Stop Biya

This cable was written in 2007, a few months before President Paul Biya modified the constitution to pave the way for a life presidency. It was during the tenure ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 26: Louis Paul Motaze Charms Garvey with Sweet Talk on Economy

This unclassified cable praises Cameroon’s former minister in charge of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze. Though the underlying intention is to shore up confidence in ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 25: Cavaye Yeguie Exposes His Ignorance

This short diplomatic cable, classified by the political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde, recounts a 2007 conversation between then Ambassador Janet Garvey and National Assembly Speaker Cavaye ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 24: Cameroon on the Brink of Collapse

This cable was written in 2009 by Ambassador Janet Garvey following the ranking of Cameroon among failing States of the world by the U.S. based Foreign Policy Magazine. It ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 23: No Gov

This cable announces the risk of abandonment faced by thousands of HIV/AIDS patients in Cameroon as government failed to hatch a strategy to boost supply of antiretrovirals that ran ...Full Article

After Motorcycles, Tricycles Invading Douala

By Divine Ntaryike Jr — Officials at the Douala Urban Council aver the country’s largest city and economic nub has been witnessing exponential demographic and territorial expansion in ...Full Article
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