Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Door to Journey of No Return

A visit to Goree Island, the slave transit prison By Leocadia Bongben — This door opens into the sea– the door of bitter memories — the door through which millions of Africans passed in the House of Slaves in Goree Island, in Senegal, to a journey of no return, in the Americas. . As I entered the house ...Full Article

West Africa

By Divine Ntaryike Jr in Dakar — Samuel Diouf is one of hundreds of Senegalese making a living through artisanal fishing.  The 20-year-old trades his daily catch at ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 22: Cameroon Diaspora Resourceful but Snubbed — Written in 2009 during the tenure of Ambassador Janet Garvey, the underlying message in this cable is embodied by one key sentence: “The government of the Republic ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 21: North West Paying Price for Supporting SDF

This cable attests to the neglect that the North West region has suffered from the Yaounde regime for being the bedrock of the opposition in Cameroon. It was written ...Full Article

True Confession: My First Love

By Fred* I feel obliged to begin by thanking Cameroon Postline for starting such a marvelous initiative. We all do have some shady sides that we have never found ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 20: ELECAM Is Irreversible

This cable falls within the vein of the regime’s reaction to criticisms from Western diplomats that ELECAM was not independent. It was written by Ambassador Janet Garvey in November ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 19: Biya Buys Foreign Media to Cleanse Corrupt Image

This cable was written after one of President Paul Biya’s numerous cash-spraying sprees in chic European abodes was unearthed in the media in full gaze of distraught Cameroonians and ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 18: Amadou Ali Says Anglo-Bamilekes Can Never Succeed Biya

Details revealed in this cable are among the most reported and most criticized of all information revealed by Wikileaks on Cameroon. The cable lays down the political succession plan ...Full Article


By Masimba Tafirenyika — For decades the mountain kingdom of Lesotho has relied heavily on South Africa to advance — until now. South Africa’s economic difficulties are placing ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 17: Biya Hires CPDM Disciples to Run ELECAM

This unclassified cable was written in the aftermath of the highly controversial appointment of officials with known political activism in the CPDM to manage the newly created election managing ...Full Article
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