Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Group Transforms Ekona Computer Access Dream to Reality

By Joe Ngwenki — In a country where development is skewed in favour of a few big cities, small settlements like Ekona, near Buea, can barely dream of access to computers. But a group known as Ekona Association-United States (EKA-USA), formed by U.S.-based Cameroonians who grew up in that locality, is turning this otherwise pipe-dream into reality. EKA-USA, ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 16: Amadou Ali Shares Sensitive Corruption Files with US Diplomats

Information shared in this cable was leaked to U.S. embassy officials by former Justice minister Amadou Ali, the man previously charged with coordinating high-level corruption investigations. It further asserts ...Full Article

True Confession: Stubborn Tattoos between My Thighs

By Tracy* — Dear Everyone, I have always longed to share this little perilous secret I have so intimately clung to since my university years. But for obvious ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 15: Kenya Air Crash Exposes Regime

This cable is written as testimony to the incompetence and failures of the Yaounde regime. It exposes the administrative lethargy inside the Yaounde regime that made the Kenya Airways ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 14: Biya Deflects Criticism of Endless Lavish Trips — This cable recounts an atypical work-centered attitude put up by President Biya in the last days of 2009. It was written by Ambassador Janet Garvey in December ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 13: Biya — This cable is based on the first-ever letter addressed to the people of Cameroon by President Paul Biya in November 2009. It attempts a political reading of ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 12: Cavaye Yeguie — This cable examines the unprecedented challenge to Cavaye Yeguie’s candidacy for a new mandate as Speaker of the National Assembly mounted publicly by Adama Modi, another ruling ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 11: How Old Corrupt Men Made Ridicule of Cameroon — This cable was written in February 2007 at the time of Ambassador Niels Marquardt. It profiles some of the proponents of Cameroon’s then “dramatically stagnant diplomatic corps”. ...Full Article

Wikileaks Cable 10: Hon. Rose Abunaw Makia and the Visa Scandal

This short cable was wired in March 2009 during the tenure of Ambassador Janet Garvey. The cable lends credence to the allegations of visa fraud used to remove Hon. ...Full Article

When protectors turn predators

By Margot Wallström* (Cameroonpostline) “A dead rat is worth more than the body of a woman.” Those were the words of one distraught young woman whom I met in ...Full Article
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