Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Analysis: NOWEFU And The Decadence Of NW Tradition

By Peterkins Manyong On Wednesday, November 4, something very disturbing happened at the Bamenda Congress Hall. The occasion was the civic reception for Prime Minister Philemon Yang. After presenting a speech outlining the expectations of the Fons from government, Fon Thomas McAkam, Secretary General of the Northwest Fons’ Union, NOWEFU, called on "Ntumfor" Jonathan Fru, "Ntumfor" ...Full Article

Spyglass: Keeping A Mistress Is Not Fun!

By Azore Opio OK guys, I know you can smell what I am cooking. Consume it just for fun but don’t practise it at home! Alright, ...Full Article

Spygalss:Sometimes, Men Are The Weaker Sex

By Azore Opio I am not a naturopathic physician, gynaecologist nor am I "physio-the-rapist", but I can tell you that men often, if not always, are ...Full Article

Analysis: SCAPO As Political Party-The Ndangam Phenomenon

By Peterkins Manyong Last Saturday, October 31, Southern Cameroonians were taken aback by a much unexpected development – the announcement that the Southern Cameroons People’s Organisation, ...Full Article

Spyglass: Academic Brigandage!

By Azore Opio I have worked hard and learnt a lot about how teachers and their students interact in this good, old country. And I have ...Full Article

Analysis: PM Yang – Prodigal Son Or Political Messiah?

By Peterkins Manyong No matter how popular a man may be to the rest of the world, if he is not respected in his home he ...Full Article

Analysis: Power To The Rural Poor

By Peterkins Manyong Friday, October 15, was Rural Women’s Day. It was celebrated under the theme: "The rural woman at the centre of innovations". As usual, ...Full Article

Spyglass: Of Spineless Sex Poachers And Grade Traffickers!

By Azore Opio I have been meaning to put my thoughts on this subject down for some time and the pictures of poached game in The ...Full Article

Spyglass: The Comboni Wild Bunch!

By Azore Opio We weren’t Butch Cassidy or Kid Curry, better known as the Sundance Kid. We didn’t have horses to ride. We didn’t have banks ...Full Article

Analysis: From Authority To Power (The Yang Experiment)

By Peterkins Manyong On September 29, Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, did something unexpected. He ordered the Minister Delegate at the Presidency, Alain Mebe Ngo’o, to reverse ...Full Article
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