Saturday, March 23, 2019
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New Dealers And Gullible Lawyers

By Peterkins Manyong Conditions in a society have to be exceptionally bad before a large number of people undertake to overthrow its leadership by revolution. This view of British historian, Herbert L. Peacock, on the French Revolution of 1789 equally sums up frantic efforts by Cameroonians to uproot the New Dealers in the early 90s. In the process, hundreds ...Full Article

Biya’s Regime: A Gerontocracy That Hates The Old

By Peterkins Manyong Throughout human history, old age has been associated with wisdom. The idea  of magistrates and lawyers wearing wigs in court stems from this age-old belief that ...Full Article

The Sorrow Of Fru Ndi Or The Cuffed Hands Of Cameroon’s Justice

By Peterkins Manyong SDF Chairman John Fru Ndi is a charismatic politician. So charismatic that the political history of Cameroon since 1990 has been a history of attempts by ...Full Article

Death And The African Despot – (A Monody For Omar Bongo)

By Peterkins Manyong "Death is the end of man as well as his thinking parts." H. Fielding – A Modern Glossary. By this observation the author means that death ...Full Article

By Clovis Atatah In Vienna, Austria * A Sequel To "The Gamble Fru Ndi Could Take" In this column last week, I made a proposal for the SDF to ...Full Article

Happy Camp!

By Azore Opio In case you don’t live in Buea, Happy Camp is in this sort of a not too swanky building. I used to go there a lot, ...Full Article

Alcohol As Inducement To Crime

By Peter Manyong (Observation on the recent Njinikom murder and similar incidents) Murder has generally been defined by legal experts as ‘any act or omission that leads to the ...Full Article

CAMASEJ Elections – Savouring The Unexpected

By Peterkins Manyong CAMASEJ, the full meaning of the abbreviation, Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, is found in section 5 paragraph 1 of the CAMASEJ Constitution. But in ...Full Article

SDF May 20 Boycott: Treachery Or Patriotism?

By Peterkins Manyong Last Wednesday, May 20, SDF militants in their vast majority stayed away from national day celebrations. Given that the boycott was in protest against the stalled ...Full Article

Biyiti-bi-Essam, Unnerved Devil On The Cross

By Peterkins Manyong Jean Pierre Biyiti-bi-Essam, Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, is a fascinating personality. He is very unlike his predecessors. The difference is that most of those who occupied ...Full Article
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