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Catholic Church To Create National Charity Organisation 

By Joe Dinga Pefok — The Catholic Church in Cameroon has announced plans to create a national charity organisation, to assist needy persons, especially the poor and hungry.

President of Cameroon Episcopal Conference, Mgr. Samuel Kleda, who is also Archbishop of Douala Diocese, made the announcement at the closing ceremony of the 37th Episcopal Conference that took place at the Cathedral in Douala on January 11. Mgr. Kleda said the decision was the key resolution adopted by the Episcopal Conference whose theme was based on charity at the service of new evangelisation.

He said the bureau of the charity will be located in Yaounde, and that it will assist all Catholic parishes across the country to create their local charity associations, which will be like branches or affiliates to the national structure. Explaining why the 37th Cameroon Episcopal Conference gave so much attention to the need for charity groups to exist in all parishes across the country, Mgr. Kleda stated that there are many people in Cameroon dying from misery.

He said the Catholic Church, priests and Christians all have a religious duty to stretch out a hand of solidarity to those in dire need. The Archbishop also said they acknowledged that one cannot preach spirituality to a poor and hungry person, and he understands. He said such an underprivileged person also ought to be assisted by the charity group of the local parish, to be able to sustain his life.

Kleda said the Church recognises that as far as poor people are concerned, evangelisation should go hand-in-hand with assistance to improve on their situation. He reiterated that priests and Christians of the Catholic Church have both a religious and moral duty to assist the needy, and that assistance to the needy is strongly recommended in the Bible. The 38th Episcopal Conference will hold in Nkongsamba, still in the Littoral Region, in January 2015.            

First published in The Post print edition no 01496

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