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Catholic Teachers Undergo Intensive Training 

By Diana Manda and Diane Hacko*

Long-serving teachers of Catholic schools in the Buea Diocese have recently undergone a one-month training program designed to improve their teaching and learning skills. The participants in the In-Service Training for Catholic School program, INTRACAST, were teachers who have taught in Catholic schools in the Buea Diocese for at least 15 years. They were also professional Grade II and or III certificate holders.  A total of 111 teachers were present for the training at the Regina Pacis College Campus in Mutengene.

Speaking to The Post, the Catholic Education Secretary, Father George Nkeze, said the objective of the course was to upgrade the teachers to Grade 1. He stated that improvement of teachers’ skills would boost the academic performance of learners in Catholic schools. He added that the salaries of participants would be increased since they have become holders of Grade 1 certificates.

According to a trainer at the program, Ngome Njikang, the teachers were instructed on ways to review their teaching methods. He said the teachers worked extremely hard. Going by him, "these teachers have been recognised because of the great sacrifices they have made for the Catholic Education family and the Diocese as a whole.”

The teachers cum students, on their part, expressed satisfaction that their subject mastery has been upgraded to suit the realities of the classroom. A student of the program, Lillian Muma, declared that her students can expect something new, come September. The training culminated in a graduation ceremony Friday, August 28 at Buea, where the teachers received Grade I certificates. Addressing the graduates, the Bishop of the Buea Diocese, His Lordship Immanuel Bushu, entreated them to be committed to their jobs and to prove themselves worthy by bringing up hardworking and determined Cameroonians.

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