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CATTU Laments Delay In Appointing B 

By Peterkins Manyong

The Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, has lamented the delay in the appointment of a rector for the newly created University of Bamenda, UNIBA, and other officials of the institution.

At a press conference held recently, Simon Nkwenti, CATTU Executive Secretary, said the GCE results had just been released and many successful candidates were anxious to enroll in the university. He said he hoped the creation of the university was not one of the Biya regime’s electoral gimmicks and quipped: "If not, why the delay?"

Nkwenti also asked why till date the number of faculties in the new university is not known. He urged Government to put things straight at UNIBA as a matter of urgency. He as well disapproved of the fact that questions into Ecole Normale Superieure, ENS, and the Advanced Technical Teachers’ College in Bambili are set in French, whereas they are Anglo-Saxon institutions.

Nkwenti, nevertheless, lamented the fact that many Anglophone parents still believe in ostentatious grammar education, whereas it is technical education that can provide jobs for their children. Still partly blaming fellow Anglophones for the fate of technical education, Nkwenti expressed concern over the fact that there are five disciplines in the newly created Advanced Technical Teacher Training College, Bambili, where no Anglophones have enrolled.

Equally disturbing, he said, is the absence of Physics teachers at the school. He said the teachers manning technical education in the school are Francophones who set exams in approximate English – the English they know – because there are no qualified Anglophones to take up the disciplines.

Nkwenti appealed that qualified Anglophones teaching this subject at foreign universities should come back home and salvage the situation. Still harping on technical education, he said ENIET Mbengwi needs 600 Anglophone students, but only 400 have applied.

The CATTU Secretary General also frowned on what he termed the 100-percent syndrome in Anglophone primary schools. He said he found it absurd that all the pupils who wrote the Common Entrance Examination in Bafut passed in List A.

Nkwenti, however, congratulated the Cameroon GCE Board on this year’s performance.
Reacting to a question on the planned strike action by some teachers’ trade unions, Nkwenti blamed politicians for trying to manipulate teachers and even going as far as bribing them so that they can go on strike.

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