Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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CATTU Mobilises Lebialem Teachers For Quality Results 

By Chris Mbunwe

Teachers in Lebialem Division of the Southwest Regionhave been tasked to produce greater quality results at the end of the school year.
The call was made on the February 13, during a one-day Divisional Conference organised by the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU.
The conference that held under the theme; “Teaching with Dignity”, brought together over 100 teachers and Delegates in the Division.
Speaking at the conference, the National Executive Secretary General of CATTU, Wilfred Tassang, exhorted the teachers to render selfless services to the nation even though working conditions are not favourable.

Tassang said teachers must command respect and dignity, because they are the light of the communities in which they live and work in.
“Therefore, you have no right to fail,” he stated.

According to Tassang, while waiting for President Biya to give back to teachers their lost glory, teachers should engage in other gainful economic activities that will enable them fight poverty.
“Teachers who teach others to become rich should themselves be comfortable,” he advised.
He called on teachers to have the fear of God in them.

“It is only when we honour God that we can be proud of our activities”, he noted.

The Board Chair of the Cameroon Teachers’ Cooperative Society, CAMTESCOS, John Menkefor, enjoined the teachers to learn how to save for themselves. Quoting Warren Buffet, he said; “Teachers should not always wait to save the excesses, because, that will never happen. Savings should be an expenditure rubric for every teacher,” he cautioned.

Another resource person, Fred Mukong, lectured participants on the importance of trade unionism and its legal framework. He said it is in the interest of every teacher or worker to join a trade union.
Beatrice Awah and Minerva Chofor, encouraged female teachers to take up administrative positions in CATTU and the society at large.

Speaking on the contributions of CATTU on teachers’ welfare, Tassang listed several professional allowances, the University of Bamenda and its colleges of education and out-of-station allowances for GCE markers, amongst others. On the colleges of education in Bambili and Kumba, he told participants to encourage their students to take up positions in these schools, especially in the HTTTCs.
“Emergence will come through Science and Technology not History and Geography,” remarked noted.

On the balance 50 percent out-of-station unpaid allowances owed GCE markers; he informed participants that the last National Executive Meeting of the union has resolved that this year’s GCE will not be marked until the arrears are paid.

The Lebialem conference ended with the election and installation of a new Divisional Bureau of CATTU, led by a Philosopher, Kisito Bonchu. Commissioning the new Bureau, the CATTU Chief Scribe enjoined the team to implant the Union in the Subdivisions, as well as ensure that the Union takes its place in all School Management Boards and Councils in the Division.