Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Cavayé Fires Bodyguard For Plotting With Boko Haram To Kidnap Him 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, has fired his bodyguard, Gendarmerie Captain, Bouba Simala, for allegedly hatching a plot in which he would enable the terrorist group, Boko Haram, to kidnap him.

It was in the wake of this accusation that Hon. Cavaye relieved his bodyguard of his functions last Monday, June 15. Presidential decision No 2015/51/60/AP/AN of June 15 that relieved Captain Bouba Simala of his functions.

The decision states that the Gendarmerie Captain, who became Cavaye’s bodyguard in 1997, was being sent back to his Ministry of origin, the Ministry of Defence.

The Speaker’s Order states that the Ministry of Defence is competent to investigate what the erstwhile bodyguard wanted to carry out on his boss. Hon Cavaye’s release holds tersely that Bouba Simala was planning to carry out acts of terrorism, robbery and kidnapping on the Speaker of the National Assembly who is the third personality of the State.

The event has generated so much anxiety and tongue-wagging at the Ngoa-Ekelle Glass House. An inside source that is close to the Speaker’s Cabinet , told The Post that the erstwhile bodyguard had hatched a plot with Boko Haram in which he was going to enable the terrorists kidnap the Speaker with ease in order to ask for a huge ransom.

Before the plot leaked, The Post learnt, Cavaye was going to be kidnapped anytime if he went to his native Mada village in the Tokombere Subdivision in the Mayo-Sava Division of the Far North Region.

The bodyguard was going to let the terrorists take the Speaker with ease when he would be doing sports. Before firing Captain Bouba, Hon. Cavaye is alleged to have contacted the Minister Delegate of the Presidency in charge of Defence, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, and the Secretary of State in charge of the Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam.

The sacked Captain is reported to be held in detention at the Gendarmerie headquarters, for investigation.

Meanwhile, sources at the National Assembly have described the sacking of Bouba as the fall of an arrogant man who treated almost everyone around him with scorn. He is said to have terrorised people each time the Speaker ran for Parliamentary elections in his native Tokombere constituency. He allegedly intimidated people who opposed his boss’ candidacy. At one time, he is said to have fired his gun many times into the air in order to scare opponents.

Back at the Assembly, the man walked tall and was one of the very influential people at the House where his wife also works.

The Post tried in vain to get to the former bodyguard for his own side of the story. Before firing his bodyguard last Monday, Hon. Cavaye had said many times at the hemi-cycle during plenary sessions that there were many Boko Haram accomplices in the house.

In a reaction to the press, following the sacking of the bodyguard, one of the Vice Speakers of the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam Njang, urged Hon Cavaye to go ahead and unmask other Boko Haram accomplices in the lawmaking house.

The sacking of the bodyguard came on the heels of another incident at the National Assembly last year in which one worker was caught forging the Speaker’s signature and recruiting people.

The incident, observers hold, is only the byword of a greater malaise that exposes the lawmaking house as a fief of all sorts of racketeers.